UK will be locked until Easter: Nigel Farage warns of lockout on December 2 ‘will not end’ UK | News

UK will be locked until Easter: Nigel Farage warns of lockout on December 2 ‘will not end’ UK |  News

Ahead of Boris Johnson’s announcement of a lockout next week, the Brexit leader warned that he could remain in this position “until Easter”.

Mr Farage stressed that the government must change its approach to the virus if the country is to finally recover from the epidemic.

The UK lockout will end on December 2, but the country is expected to return to an integrated regional system approach.

Mr Farage said today: “It appears that the lockout will not end on December 2 because we will enter into strict regional restrictions.

“If the government does not change its attitude, we will be stuck until Easter.”

After meeting with the Cabinet, Mr Johnson is expected to announce the new Corona virus controls on Monday.

Although the finest details have not been confirmed, it is expected that the government will refine the layout system to make it more strict in some areas.

Although some measures will be retained from the previous framework, Tier 3 is expected to be strengthened to reduce case levels.

In fact, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Emergencies (SAGE) has stated that previous restrictions on stratification are not sufficient.

As cases increase within this new system, emergency mass testing units will be dispatched to reduce the infection rate.

Rapid response testing sites have already been tested in Manchester and Liverpool.

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