Update on the perception of the smell of gas in various places in Havana

Update on the perception of the smell of gas in various places in Havana

Over the past few days, a multidisciplinary team composed of specialists from the Nico Lopez Refinery, the Industrial Gas Company, the Petroleum Research Center, the Liquefied Gas Company and the Cuban Petroleum Federation, has carried out air quality measurements in areas where there have been reports of the smell of gas. In addition, they closely followed complaints from residents, explains the memo it published Cubadepatty.

On September 5, there were no complaints from residents, which may be related to the closure of the first plant of the Nico Lopez refinery, which has ended its operations for the time being.

The Cuban Petroleum Association stresses the importance for LNG and manufactured gas customers, who smell gas in their homes and facilities, to immediately contact the corresponding company and submit a report.

To contact the Manufactured Gas Company, you can use the phone numbers 72045252, 72045253, and 72076769, in addition to the Telegram channel (https://t.me/EGMTC).

On the other hand, LNG customers can communicate via phone numbers 77935888, 77935899, 77935894, in addition to the Telegram channel (https://t.me/egaslicuado).

“The Cuban Petroleum Federation continues to work to ensure the efficiency of its administration and to maintain constant communication with the population. Thank you to the community for your continued support.”

Three days ago, the entity reported the launch of investigations to “uncover the causes and direct measures” regarding the strong smell of gas in several neighborhoods in Havana.

Questions still remain for residents, such as the true source of the odor, potential health effects, and long-term consequences.

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