UPN heads to Olancho, Real España falls behind and Vida continues to slump

UPN heads to Olancho, Real España falls behind and Vida continues to slump


Three of the five matches of the ninth day of the tournament were played on Saturday End of 2023 affiliate Honduras National Football League.

UPN was the big winner of the date because it was the only club with three points, while the other two matches ended in draws.

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“La Manada” is very excited that it has reached the second position in the rankings as it already owns 17 units. Olimpia follows first, and if he beats Victoria, he could become more leader than ever.

Olancho drew against Real Spain, but despite the draw in San Pedro Sula, those led by Humberto Rivera dropped to third in the standings.

Kings added the point that while it doesn’t taste great, it doesn’t taste bitter either. Sampedranos are rooms with 12 units. Marathon also has 12 points and Motagua has reached 10 points in sixth place.

Outside ranking sites is Victoria, which has nine units. Vida fell to eighth place. Real Sociedad is ninth. Honduras Progreso, for its part, has five points and is the last.

The ninth day

Sunday, February 26:

3 o’clock: Royal Society – Marathon.

3:30 pm: Victory – Olympia.

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