US creates new immigration options for family reunification

US creates new immigration options for family reunification

The US government is designing an innovative immigration program for families of visa holders to retain a sponsor. The move will facilitate travel authorization and conditional release. Advisor to the President Katie Tobin announced that Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala support the proposal. Ms. Tobin, who is also the director of transboundary affairs for the National Security Council, said the initiative will be expanded to Cuba and Haiti.

The significance of the new arrangement was that foreigners would not have to wait years to move to the North Country. Those who apply for immigrant visas and do not present difficulties in the review of the authorities, their relatives can immediately go to North America.

Settlement centers

President Joe Biden wants to reduce the massive and illegal exodus of Latin Americans to the North with this policy. In addition, it aims to create facilities for migrant practices in Guatemala and Colombia.

The news was delivered last week by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of National Security Alejandro Mayorkas. They also contributed that migrant centers would provide income alternatives to other destinations such as Canada and Spain.

Asylum seekers or migrants can be reunited with their relatives and many choose to enter North American soil. In the coming weeks, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will announce the specifics of the comprehensive strategy so that interested parties can be informed.

Next Thursday, May 11, the application of Title 42, which was established in 2020 to combat the spread of the coronavirus, will end. For this reason, President Biden is evaluating various options to reduce the concentration of immigrants at the Mexican border. The decisions of the current administration provide opportunities for foreign workers to seek their prosperity.

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