USA 3-0 Puebla (July 15, 2023) Match Analysis

USA 3-0 Puebla (July 15, 2023) Match Analysis

The Colombian had a great game with the Eagles, despite conceding a disallowed goal, while Kevin Alvarez also made his goalscoring debut.

Mexico, Ricardo Carino — The America Won, defeated and loved. Azteca Stadium lived up to the official unveiling with a party Julian QuinonesDebut with a goal in their win vs Puebla They got their first win with a score of 3-0 Andre Jardine.

America It showed a completely different face from the one it had experienced two weeks ago Quinones And Alvaro Fidalco’s return dominated at will and added their first win Will open in 2023.

From the first moments, the Copa side beat Eduardo Arce, locked down their defense and hung a goal on a bombarded Jesus Ivan Rodriguez goal for a long 90 minutes.

Quinones debuted as an American player with a goal and an assist.

Azulgrema provided important warnings in the contest area, while Kevin Velasco created no danger with a mid-range shot to the strip.

Aguilas’ most important loss came after 14 minutes on a ball that was intercepted by Nestor Araujo in the defensive zone. The central defender controlled, looked up and threw a deep ball Julian QuinonesHe broke offside well, cut the round and outlined the goal, but in the closing stages he leveled it and got to the goalkeeper, who held the ball for a moment and dived with it. Screaming fans

The Feathers took the game at their own pace and cornered Puebla. Diego Valdez tries with an unsuccessful header Quinones He tried his luck again, but without success. The men from Puebla were on the defensive and on the counter starring Brian Angulo and Memo Martinez, but they couldn’t find the back of the net.

The men from Coba responded with two more actions, but to no avail. A drained ball Quinones It was well covered by the goalkeeper and Diego’s volley shot just inches wide of the goal.

Frustration began to set in among the feathered fans, who saw superiority over their rivals but could not find a solution to stay calm. Everything changed with Boots on 35 minutes Kevin Alvarezjoined with Quinones Triangulate and face the target. The winger took a shot past the rival goalkeeper. His first goal with the shirt was a cry America.

Quinones assisted and Alvarez set up America's first goal against Puebla.
Quinones assisted and Alvarez set up America’s first goal against Puebla.

The advantage in marking is the neglect in defense and Puebla He created the danger with Memo Martinez, Kevin Velasco and Brian Angulo. At the finish line, Oscar Jimenez, who was much cheered by the fans, reacted perfectly to send in corner kicks on a couple of occasions.

The Coba men looked in trouble, but all they had to do was step on the accelerator a bit and get their men together with better feet to create danger. Before the end of the first half, Fidalgo and Valdes combined to throw a millimeter pass that gave Leo Suarez all the advantages, who launched himself and drilled the net with a shot in the air to make it 2-0. Azteca Stadium went crazy, celebrated and never stopped singing.

America took control of the match, but they also showed that their defensive zone was the weakest of the team, and this gave little hope to a struggling Puebla team.

The stands of the Azteca Stadium were eager for the goal of their luxury reinforcements.

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When it seemed that Julian He went unmarked from the left side and Brian Rodriguez fired a precise filtered pass into the net for his third goal of the night to put the cherry on the cake. At Colossus of Santa Ursula, tonight is a total party knowing you can be excited, with fans sleeping happily.

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