Venezuela – International – Chavismo announces defeat in Parinas in the absence of official results

Venezuela – International – Chavismo announces defeat in Parinas in the absence of official results

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) has not yet commented on Savista’s candidacy for governor of Paris, the birthplace of Hugo Chavez. George Areza, According to preliminary data through his Twitter account, announced his defeat.

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“Parinas is my dear. The information we receive from our PSUV structures indicates that despite our increase in votes, the goal has not been achieved. I heartily thank you for our heroic militancy.

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From the National Government, Minister of Communications, Freddie ezHe responded to Arreaza’s and while waiting for the official CNE bulletin, according to information provided by the Chavista candidate, he promised that “the opposition will win with four of the 23 governors of the country with Barinas.”

Meanwhile, in the opposition campaign command in Barinas, candidate Sergio Carrido and other opposition leaders are celebrating the expected victory because the Efe team was able to verify the spot.

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In today’s election, which took place on November 21, after the regional elections were held across the country, the Parinees chose who would be their governor for the next four years, with the announcement of the winners in all the states, which was low in Paris.

Due to this failure, The ruling party loses Savista Castle, Which goes into the hands of the opposition through the Democratic Solidarity Schedule (MUD), after Sergio Garrido, who was elected by the candidate against the majority Chavez, disabled the first two options.

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Barinas has been ruled by the Chavez family since 1998, when the late president’s father, Hugo de las Reyes, was the first to rule the state, and he appointed his son Adon – now Venezuela’s ambassador to Cuba. Argentina defeats opposition Freddie Superlano in the November 21 election.

Following that failure, the Supreme Court (TSJ) quashed the decision Ordered a re-election this Sunday, A historic date for both Savismo and the Opposition, who usurped the heritage of a dynasty.

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In the November 21 elections, Chavismo won 19 of the 24 institutions in Venezuela, in addition to Caracas – which has special status, but at least on the 8th, the opposition faction and pro-government strategy played a key role.


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