Vicente Fernández, Alejandro reveals his last moments

Vicente Fernández, Alejandro reveals his last moments

Youngest son Vicente FernandezCalled El Potrillo Alejandro Fernandez He shared in his first reports about the last moments his father lived after his father died.

The Famous singer A native of the famous Fernandez dynasty, he was one of the most beloved and acclaimed translators throughout Mexico.

It was precisely December 12th, the day of the Virgin of Guadeloupe in Mexico, and it was glorious day. Singer The Mexican region departed.

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After battling Guillain-Barré for four months, Vicente Fernandez Defeated in battle, a few days after he left, El Potrillo decided to break the silence Last moments When he saw that his father was alive.

Vicente Fernández will be remembered for his voice and music | AP

Beginning with this new interview, the translator of “Me Dediqué a Perderte” was somewhat quiet, at the beginning of his speech, thanking again the media and the public for all the support they have given him since it happened. .

The affection they had for the translator of “Acá Entre Nos” was far from the pleasure and love they felt not only for those close to them, but also for Vicente Fernández Jr.’s father.

Alejandro noted that while expressing his affection and love not only directly and in the news but also for the support he provided to his family, his father left peacefully.

Despite the great pain he felt by his father’s division, he noted that it was God’s decision, and at one point he realized that it was a natural process that we all go through.

On his official Instagram account, he shared a photo of himself appearing near his father, they were both very smiling and happy, and with the photo we saw a very soft message.

According to Alejandro Fernandez, his father is not only his father, but also his best friend and teacher, and what he certainly misses most about him is his spirit and especially his voice.

A message shared with Don Sente, who said he wanted to teach them to make a nice board in the sky, wished him a good trip and would make many move by mentioning one of his iconic songs, “My dear old man.”

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