Vicente Fernandez in intensive care

Vicente Fernandez in intensive care

Vicente Fernandez The son spoke to reporters again after leaving the hospital where his father, a living legend of Mexican music and one of the greatest Latin artists of all time, was admitted.

After the news of this new admission SHINT His son explained that after a fall on his farm apparently had to undergo cervical surgery come joy In the first moments: “I was worried, but he responds well”He added optimistically at the time that they were “scared because it wasn’t for the least, accidents are like this, but everything is going well and everything is going well. He’s fine, he’s stable.”

after, after Alejandro FernandezAnd who was very recently, He was surprised by the reporters upon his arrival at the airport, dodging as much as possible the journalists’ questions so as not to comment on the matter, and although no one saw him arrive at the hospital surrounded by the media, his older brother claimed this. pony He had already visited his father.

EG Alejandro Fernandez

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In his last meeting with the media after his discharge from the hospital, Vicente Fernandez Jr. He found his car completely surrounded by reporters, wanting to know how the singer’s health is developing, and he admitted in front of them that the family is very worried, in addition, his father is in intensive care, according to one of the collaborators. From Fat and thin:

“How do you think it could be? The whole family is very worried, not just my mother,” he said. Vicente Junior Regarding the rumors that his father had been intubated, his son categorically denied: “He has not been intubated. He has oxygen, like all patients undergoing treatment.”

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