Vicente Fernandez’s condition is serious. Relatives go to the hospital to say goodbye?

Vicente Fernandez’s condition is serious.  Relatives go to the hospital to say goodbye?

that it Friday December 10 In entertainment media and social networks it has been reported Vicente Fernandez was in a serious condition the health, for this reason His relatives are in the hospital To see the medical report. The children of “El charro de Huentitán” are expected to make a statement about their father in the next few minutes.

According to the latest Venga La Alegría report (VLAThis morning he came to the clinic Donna CoquitaAnd the artist’s wife and Vicente Fernandez Jr.Who did not want to make statements, which caught the attention of the press because the eldest son of the family always denied this kind of rumor.

Vicente Fernandez’s family confirms he’s serious

The alerts have been running since Thursday night, when Gerardo Fernandez, One of the singer’s sons mentioned that he sees his father very tired She emphasized that these are difficult times.

in the meantime, Alejandro Fernandez, One of those who remained on the sidelines about his father’s health, asked for a prayer for the interpreter of “Here is among us.” During the second of his performances on enational hall, “Pony” He admitted that the family was going through critical momentsBut he said that he believed in God and the Virgin of Guadalupe, so he was waiting for a miracle.

“I learned that love and affection are two cures, I want to give a very strong applause together, but very strong, to the Lord. Vicente FernandezWe will need a lot of your prayers and good feelings, thank you. Thanks to all those upset, family, friends, fans, for their writing, for setting a good mood and best wishes for my father’s recovery.”

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What is the health status of Vicente Fernandez?

In social networks, information began to spread that relatives Vicente Fernandez They are in hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The speculation was confirmed by TV Azteca on the VLA show, where it was announced Donna Coquita and Vicente Fernandez Jr. They are in the hospital.

In addition, according to the report, Alejandra Fernandez, the daughter of the singer, went to the hospital last night with three lawyers and notary Jaime Maitorina Martinez Negret, although the entitlement to the presence of these powers was not disclosed. It will be “Don ChiantiTo give his last will or to fix his will.

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