Victor Manuel Vucetich offered to drive Cruz Azul

Victor Manuel Vucetich offered to drive Cruz Azul

The experienced Mexican coach has not had a club since the middle of the last tournament after his departure from Chivas de Guadalajara.

“King Midas” runs Cruz Azul

possible A fight between Jaime Urdiales and Juan Renoso in the bosom blue cross He did not leave anyone indifferent. With the return of the sports director, who does not have as good friends as the Peruvian coach, they made the latter consider his future as technical director of the cement workers.

just confirmed Ordiales return to officesSeveral outside clients have started moving their files, waiting to see what happens at La Noria’s offices. According to information published by the Filtered Touch column, from the Mediotiempo portal, an agent Victor Manuel Vucetich “Show” his client to the Celestial Command.

“At least, within this turmoil that occurred in the Heavenly House, what was made clear was the continuity of Reynuso, because it was speculated for a moment that he would resign. What’s curious is that before that it didn’t take long for the promoters to raise their hands for some strategists, like Viktor Manuel Vucic.which suddenly began to look like a possible alternative to South America.”Information begins with an overview of the situation.

The columnist ends his information note by referring to another Aztec football club that “King Midas” had access to. “Although Vuce had Rayados as the best club of its time, the current Monterrey board of directors has closed the doors for the coach, especially because it has declared Duilio Davino too eco-friendly to handle an old sea lion like Vasco Aguirre.”pointed out.

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And this is from the middle Opening 2021 Vucetich does not have a team. Experienced Mexican coach fired from leadership position Chivas from Guadalajara After an irregular performance for Guadalajara. From there to continue the search for a new team to direct and Cruz Azul will be among his favorite destinations.

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