Victoria Ruffo and Ernesto LaGuardia show how grown-ups enjoy ‘La Chona’

Victoria Ruffo and Ernesto LaGuardia show how grown-ups enjoy ‘La Chona’

Victoria Ruffo and Ernesto LaGuardia show how grown-ups enjoy ‘La Chona’Well, give the controversial couple something to talk about on social networks by flaunting their best looks dance stepsVery funny but a bit uncoordinated during recording crown of tears 2.

Although, since then Africa Zavala get to know Victoria Ruffo to a world Tik Tok videosdear The Queen of Soap Opera He did not hesitate to join modern dances even though dance is not his forte.

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At 59, Victoria Ruffo He became one of the most famous Latin celebrities, because for the audience the role he played in TV series such as win overstep mother, love victorySimply Mary hug me tightIn the name of love and others.

Although he is usually accompanied in his dances by Maribel Guardia, Roxana Castellanos, Africa Zavala and Raquel Garza, there was no shortage of series companions Although we have already seen Mane de la Barra even Daughter of Jose Eduardo DerbezNow he was the actor who fell in love with the audience since he was young, we talked about him Ernest LaGuardia.

Wearing a bag but so smiling, ehErnesto LaGuardia, who gives life to evil Romulo Ancerafollows the Victoria Ruffo’s footsteps To the sound of “La chona”, one of the most famous songs of “Los tucanes de Tijuana” and in minutes the video became popular within social networks.

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Victoria Ruffo and her new telenovela alongside César Évora

Without a doubt, one of the couples in the telenovela who attracted the audience the most is the component person Victoria Ruffo s Cesar Evora. Seeing them together in Stepmother, Hug me tight, Triumph of love, In the name of love Las Amazonas confirmed their wonderful chemistry and their followers demand more.

known as “tequila couple“, Victoria Ruffo and Cesar Evora They have always acted with respect for each other and do not rule out working together again. It was said months ago that a project already existed where they were supposed to share credits again, but the workload on both made it difficult to implement.

So far Victoria Ruffo and Cesar Evora They greet each other in the corridors of Televisa and wish each other the greatest success in each of the telenovelas they make, without excluding that something may happen in the future to please their followers.

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