Video: Ecology investigates animal abuse by supermarket guards

Video: Ecology investigates animal abuse by supermarket guards

Juarez city.- Cesar Diaz Gutierrez, head of the directorate, said that the Environment Directorate was investigating the case of a dog being mistreated by a supermarket security guard, after the case became known on social media.

He commented that a video clip circulating on social media reveals violent actions carried out by a supermarket security guard, as he physically assaulted a dog and then eventually threw it to the ground. It is not known if the dog has an owner or is an abandoned animal.

He noted that in response to this case of animal abuse, they have initiated an investigation to identify the person involved and apply corresponding penalties based on the Animal Protection Law of the State of Chihuahua.

Additionally, as part of that process, a complaint has been filed with the State Attorney's Office regarding actions against animal welfare, and the ranger responsible will be located soon so he can be held accountable for his actions, he said. .

The Environment Director said that the community looks forward to addressing this issue with the seriousness and urgency it deserves, not only seeking to implement relevant sanctions, but also encouraging reflection on the importance of respecting and caring for animals in our society.

He added that animal welfare is a shared responsibility and such actions must not go unpunished to ensure a safer and more compassionate environment for all.

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