Video: LG shows pictures of its first ‘smartphone’ with a roll-up screen

Video: LG shows pictures of its first ‘smartphone’ with a roll-up screen

The South Korean company has not released further details about the device.

South Korean company LG He showed LG Rollable, its pictures during its CES 2021 conference this Monday The first ‘smartphone’ with a roll-up screen.

The video shows how the device can be transformed from a traditional mobile to a smartphone, which has a much wider and larger screen.

“This roll-up device is the second device in the brand’s Explorer program A ‘study’ origin What can the future of smartphones bring? ” Indian The company said in a statement without disclosing further details.

According to Announced Previously ETNews featured a scrollable OLED panel on the phone, which would extend 6.8 to 7.4 inches.

According to the pictures, the LG Rollable is very Similar al Oppo X2021, Which was issued last November. The device consists of two plates, which form the base of the screen, and they can be combined into one, larger, and flexible OLED panel, whose surface varies from 6.7 to 7.4 inches and the high resistance laminate allows it to get 0.1 mm thick at its thinnest point.

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