Viral: Starbucks employees are upset with this TikTok trend

Viral: Starbucks employees are upset with this TikTok trend

In the event that some customers have specifications regarding their drinks in Starbucks Not specific enough, the social video network Tik Tok He has achieved a trend among users of being as creative as possible when placing an order and sharing the result on social networks.

The potential root of this trend on TikTok lies in the disclosure of supposed “secret” components of branches, so users seek to “outperform” others in terms of creativity and number of components. However, this stance does not work in favor of some baristas of the coffee franchise, such as the case of the young Jose Morales, who calls himself on Twitter the name Josie and whose post has spread in this regard on May 1, which indicates that in addition, the employees of Starbucks are not Alone on this, too.

Her post reads “in today’s episode of” Why I Want To Leave My Job “and Josie shares a photo of the drink ordered by a customer named Edward, whose glass has a fairly tall sticker given how “creative” he was when ordering his drink, with 13 items to his specifications.

Other Twitter users, as well as the chain’s staff, quickly grew annoyed by Josie, as they responded with pictures of some customers’ requests; There is a trophy whose list exceeds thirty indicators, shared by user Victoria Sarberr.

“Our branch was insulted a few minutes ago,” says an employee in another response to Josie’s tweet. “Embed a TweetYou let all Edwards go to the ground, “he continued, thanking him that he just had to take it and not make it, and concludes,” It just tastes like bananas. “

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One thing some of these requests have in common is that they were made from a mobile app, a situation that netizens have also observed to express their annoyance with this trend.I knew it had to be an app. Actress Ashley Nicole Black replied, “Nobody would dare to make an order like that out loud and make eye contact.”

Josie’s Twitter post has been shared more than 52,000 times and has been liked by over 336,000 people as of Tuesday.

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