Visa to the United States: Countries you do not need to enter – travel – life

Visa to the United States: Countries you do not need to enter – travel – life

Is it possible for Colombia to enter the list of 40 countries to which the US has granted visa exemption?

With the announcement of the measure that the Colombian government will start by United State to remove Visa requirementsthe required requirements of the states that mentioned the benefits were put on the table.

And the list is short, because the procedure is guided by a law passed by Congress in 1986, under which Visa Waiver Program (VWP or VWP) for its abbreviation in English).

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The first country to enter this list was United kingdomin 1986, and the last, Croatia, in 2021.

These are mostly European countries, some Asian (South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan), as well as Australia, Iceland and New Zealand.

The only Latin America on the list is Chile. Even Mexico, its neighbor and main trading partner, is not part of this group.

The full list of countries that the United States does not require a visa to enter:

– Germany
– Australia
– Brunei
– Chili pepper
– South Korea
– Croatia
– Denmark
– Estonian
– Slovakia
– Slovenia
– Spain
– France
– Greece
– Hungary
– Iceland
– Ireland
– Italia
– Japan
– Latvia
– Lithuania
– Luxembourg
– beer
– Monaco
– New Zealand
– Holland
– Poland
– Portugal
– United kingdom
– Czech Republic
– San Marino
– Singapore
– Sweden
– Swiss
– Taiwan

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Although this exception is a decision that rests with the incumbent president, the law establishes a very rigorous and extensive process that goes through the review of many agencies of the US government.

In 1986, the Visa Waiver Program (Visa Waiver Program or VWP) was established.

According to the Office of US Consular Affairs, to enter the Visa Waiver Program, a country must meet the following requirements:

1. Good law enforcement and security data exchange with the United States.

two. Issuance of electronic passports.

3. The visitor B visa rejection rate is less than 3 percent.

four. Timely reporting of lost and stolen passports, whether blank or issued.

5. Maintain high standards for counter-terrorism, law enforcement, border control, and document security.

Types of visas available

AMP . visa

Due to the pandemic, the US Embassy has a large number of visas accumulated in Colombia.

The USA offers more than 180 visas for you to immigrate regularly to the country. Among the most popular Tourist visas or B-2s, Which includes travelers or visitors from relatives in the United States.

Similarly, there is the B-1 visa created for business, which includes business partners, scientific or educational assistance personnel, nannies, and domestic employees.

For a work visa, it is important to determine what kind of work will be done in the northern country, since the type of document depends on it.

For example, there is an H-2A visa, exclusively for agricultural workers, or an L-type visa, created for employees who are transferred to work abroad within their company.

For students, the most common visa is F-1, awarded to aliens who are entering an academic program in the United States. The M-1 also stands out for students of short-term professional programs.

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The United States also offers visas to investors, victims of crime, diplomats, relatives, athletes, religious people, and others.

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