Visit by Cuban officials to take control of Miami International Airport sparks discontent at TSA

Visit by Cuban officials to take control of Miami International Airport sparks discontent at TSA

Miami. The visit of representatives of the Havana regime to the Transportation Security Administration's surveillance facilities at Miami International Airport angered some American officials, who questioned granting Cuba access to sensitive information, a practice limited to representatives of allied countries.

According to information that has reached our editorial office, a delegation of officials from Havana visited TSA facilities in MIA as part of a knowledge exchange between the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and its Cuban counterparts.

The tour in sensitive areas, where the airport's computer control technology was located, would have caused an incident with American officials, who expressed their dissatisfaction when they understood that this might harm national security. This type of visit is usually reserved for officials from allied countries.

TSA's mission is to protect the nation's transportation systems to ensure the free movement of people and commerce.

In this context, a State Department official announced last week that the administration of President Joe Biden had removed the Havana regime from the list of countries that are not fully cooperating in the fight against terrorism.

Cuban-American Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar announced in this regard, “This is a new signal that the Biden administration is paving the way for Cuba to be removed from the list of states sponsoring terrorism.”

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“Allowing agents of the Cuban dictatorship into these facilities is tantamount to allowing Castro’s spies into the heart of Miami International Airport, one of the country’s main transportation hubs,” one of the contacted sources stated. “They seem to have already forgotten that these people were previously aimed at To attack the security of our country.”

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During this “extraordinary tour they undertook,” according to one of the sources consulted, agents of the Castro regime “had direct access to new 3D “It is unimaginable, absurd, unjustified and extremely dangerous.”

“Opening the door to our security to Cuban officials also means opening the door to Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia and other regimes hostile to American democracy, because it is known that those who rule Havana are friends of all of us.” Enemies. In addition to the information they took, God knows if these agents were able to take pictures. “It is unbelievable that this happened,” they reiterated.

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