Voight explodes and gives New York its eighth straight win

Voight explodes and gives New York its eighth straight win

NEW YORK – Luke Voit once again backed his latest demand to play more, adding a home run, four strokes and four RBIs to 10-2 with a win over the New York Yankees that beat the Minnesota Twins on Friday.

Voight tied his career best record with his third four-stroke game, and the Yankees had their best performance of the season, eight wins.

Voight’s attacking awakening came three days after the player, the main league leader in 2020, invited coach Aaron Boone to keep him in the squad. Voight said he deserves to play like three-time All-Star Anthony Rizzo, which he acquired from the Cubs in July.

At the time, Voit was on the disabled list.

Rizzo is back this week, after losing 10 days to COVID-19. However, he took the night off.

Voit improved with the bat while Rizzo was away, and it kept flaring up. He hit 0.523 (21-11) with three floor hurdles and 11 RBIs in his last six games.

He hit a first-half single from rookie Charlie Barnes (0-3). In the second he hit another song, in the fourth he contributed twice and in the seventh he hit his house between the right and center field.

The win went to Cuban Nestor Cortes (2-1).

For the twins, Jorge Polanco 4-0. Venezuelan Luis Arriez 4-1 with a goal, Willians Studio 4-0.

For the Yankees, Venezuelan Rugend Odor 4-0. Dominican Gary Sanchez 4-1.

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