Wang Jing congratulates Ortega on the separation from Taiwan. He says it was a “wise decision” without saying anything about the inter-channel.

Wang Jing congratulates Ortega on the separation from Taiwan.  He says it was a “wise decision” without saying anything about the inter-channel.

Wang Jing, the mysterious Chinese investor brought by Laureano Ortega to Nicaragua with a promise to build a canal road, returned again Friday by sending a letter to Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo to congratulate them on the decision to cut so-called diplomatic ties with Taiwan and uphold the “one China” principle.

However, he did not mention in the letter what this new chapter of diplomatic relations with Beijing would mean for the intra-channel, an act that has so far failed and which, although it began exactly seven years ago, on December 22, 2014, has not. There was no progress.

The “One China” principle is the general consensus of the international community that cannot be called into question. There is only one China in the world, and the government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government that represents all of China, and Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory,” Wang wrote to the dictatorial couple, who decided to make a decision on them. December 9 turned his back to Taipei, which he described for years as “the friend of the Nicaraguan people.”

For the Chinese who were questioned, and who are currently embroiled in a fraud and corruption scandal with his companies, he described Ortega’s decision as “correct, which is in line with the general trend and in line with the will, aspirations and welfare of the peoples of China and Nicaragua, and this is in the fundamental interests of the Nicaraguan people.”

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In the speech, Wang recalls the alleged legacy of the Chinese Communist Party in its struggle to unify the Chinese territory, as well as its work to achieve “national independence, people’s liberation, the country’s prosperity, and the happiness of the people.” This despite the fact that China is already ranked as one of the countries with the largest number of of human rights abuses, this year for example, it ranked third in a row as the world’s largest prisoner of journalists, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

The businessman likened the struggle of the Communist Party to the revolution led by Ortega and the Sandinista Front. “In the eighties, when the people’s revolution in Santiñita had just attained national liberation, and already in the struggle to defend the new government of the people, the Chinese people and the people of Nicaragua united in a great bloody friendship in the face of military attacks. It was launched by reactionary forces under the organization of the most powerful military power in the world.”

For Wang, the return to power of the FSLN and Ortega in 2007 was “the right path to national development”, despite the fact that Nicaragua remains the second poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean after 15 years of Ortega’s administration.

One element the obscure Chinese identifies in the letter is that Ortega put in the hands of his cabinet ministers the Castilian book “Xi Jinping: Ruling China” so that they could indoctrinate themselves and learn “how to serve.” The people of Nicaragua and how to lead the people on the path to independence and prosperity. I firmly believe that the two great nations will go hand in hand on the right path.

In this new stage of the relationship with Beijing, Wang stresses that he is convinced that both countries will advance “side by side” and overcome the coming obstacles to turn “the bloody historical friendship into sweet and fruitful fruits of victory for the benefit of the Nicaraguan people and the peoples of the world.”

Although he does not explicitly indicate what happened to the canal project and how this new reality will fulfill its promise, he confined himself to saying: “Nicaragua is doomed to become the most important hub of ‘Sector and Road'”. Across the Pacific and Atlantic, an emerging hub promoting economy, trade, technology and culture between East and West, a beacon that represents great friendship between peoples and symbolizes the search for freedom, prosperity and civilization on behalf of the peoples of the world, and will make an indelible contribution to the future development of human society.

the September 27, US newspaper The Epoch Times It reported that Wang was involved in a massive $31 billion scam and the concealment of huge debts from the Xinwei Group. This resulted in him and his companies being expelled from the Shanghai Stock Exchange over the next ten years.

According to the article, the scam would have built from the 2013 announcement of a giant canal project in Nicaragua, which spurred investor appetite and was driven away by fake prices set on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Wang Jing is the mysterious Chinese businessman who was awarded the concession by Daniel Ortega’s regime to the failed Inter-oceanic Canal project and which the dictatorship sold to Nicaragua as the easiest and fastest way to get Nicaragua out of the second poorest country in Latin America. and the Caribbean.

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The value of the works of the Grand Canal is estimated at $50,000 million and Ortega had promised that by this time more than one million Nicaraguans would have been directly and indirectly involved in its construction, which would affect economic growth. In seven years, the economy has known only three recessions and one recovery.

“Wang’s frauds caused chaos and financial ruin for thousands of people in China and around the world,” says the American media journalist, who said the lies of the Chinese businessman and the Kanerlo Project “wang’s frauds.” . “.

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