“We couldn’t be another tale of talents that didn’t work together.”

“We couldn’t be another tale of talents that didn’t work together.”

Dominican Center is betting that vanity doesn’t stand in the way of TWolves and could be successful alongside D’Angelo Russell and Anthony Edwards

At the end of a bad season, most of my players Minnesota Timber Wolves See the future, as with your star Cities Carl Anthony.

The Dominicans voiced their stance in their end-of-season interview with the team, making it clear that they trusted the “Big Three” to make them with Rookie of the Year nominee. Anthony Edwards s Dangelo Russell.

We just have to make sure vanity doesn’t get in the way. We should take for example Magic Johnson, who at that time shared the lights of reflectors and that’s why they won the tournaments, ”said the player who finished his sixth consecutive season with an average of at least 20 points and 10 rebounds per match.

The Dominican added: “We cannot be another story about the talents that grew up together and did not find a way to do our work.”

Townes believes the team is headed in the right direction and appreciates the good performance they have had during the season.

“We have a lot of work to do. We have done amazing things at the end of the season and we have to take inspiration from them (for next season).”

The Timberwolves star has expressed that due to his difficult year, he will focus on spending time for himself and his family, but he will still be ready to keep working and preparing for the upcoming season.

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“I know what we can become. But I’m proud of myself, for everything I’ve learned and improved upon this season. I had a tough season, but I grew up both as a player and as captain. Personally, my life is getting more difficult and I know things could be worse. I care a lot about the game and I have to hold my head up, for everyone to do the same. “

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