“We’re going to win this race,” Biden says as his lead grows in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

“We’re going to win this race,” Biden says as his lead grows in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Wilmington, Tel. – Joseph R. Biden Jr. became president On Saturday, Tracking down President Trump in Pennsylvania and Georgia and his lead in Nevada 270 election votes Required Claim ownership of the White House.

“We are going to win this race with a clear majority.” Biden said Friday night that he had described the number of votes cast in the major war-torn states and expressed confidence that victory was inevitable. “We have rebuilt the ‘blue wall’ in the middle of the country that collapsed four years ago. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, the heart of this country.”

Mr. Biden, who received more than four million votes Friday night and has already won 253 election votes, is ahead of Mr. Trump. More than 28,800 votes in Pennsylvania. If his lead – it is expected – the state’s 20 votes will pass the threshold for victory in the election.

In his comments at an event center in Wilmington, Tel., The “Order of Action” was launched to address issues including the corona virus, the economy, climate change and systemic racism.

But he also stressed patience and calm when the results came.

“We have to be calm, we have to be patient, let the process work when all the votes are counted,” he said.

In Philadelphia, some Biden supporters began dancing in the street outside the convention center, in front of a banner announcing “People have spoken.”

In Georgia, Mr. State officials said Biden’s lead was too narrow at the beginning and could not be reconsidered. But by Friday evening it was Grew to about 4,000 votes.

In ArizonaAs election officials continued to plow tens of thousands of ballots from Phoenix and its suburbs, Mr. Biden took his lead. His advantage shrank slightly, but not as much as Republicans expected.

In Nevada, Mr. Biden doubled his lead to nearly 22,600 votes on Friday.

Mr. Fiden’s request to allow this process to be expelled. It was contrary to Trump’s request Picked up the lecturer at the White House Thursday’s conference room as part of a comprehensive Beach First Beach conspiracy to deny him a second term by Democrats, the media and the Silicon Valley.

As the number of pending ballots is slowly declining, Mr. Trump was only too much Legal challenges To prevent failure, Mr. Biden was betting on the continued accumulation of postal ballots to keep him in first place in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Biden began presenting the image of a man ready to accept the presidency, meeting with his economic and health advisers. International spread of corona virus.

Mr. Biden had a low profile for most of Friday. But outside the Westin Hotel near his home in Wilmington, signs of celebration came – Mr. Once again a celebration will be delayed as Biden waits for the official call of the race.

Thomas Kunish, 40, of Mechanicsburg, Pa., 100 miles away, said he drove with his five-year-old son to show support. The last time he voted was in 2000, when he spoke for George W. Bush.

“It’s interesting, over the last four years,” Mr. Mr. Trump, who works in the Department of Defense, spoke about his presidency. Kunish said. “There was hope when he was elected, could things change?” Instead, he said, the Trump administration was marked by “turmoil.” He and his son had hoped to see the crackers on Friday night – but it did not materialize.

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Mr. Biden’s team believed the former vice president would have provided one Success speech at prime time, but instead, Mr. Biden spoke briefly in front of a small group of reporters on Friday night.

“I hope to talk to you tomorrow,” Mr. Biden said.

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