What about Pocho and Ríos?

What about Pocho and Ríos?

Heaven Cup

Tonight, the Rojiblancos will face the Foxes in the final match of the group stage of the Sky Cup.

© Imago 7Chivas proud to have Alexis Vega back in the squad to face Atlas in El Clasico Tapatio: What about Pocho and Reus?

Club Guadalajara will finally use its best offensive reference in recent years in Alexis Vega, Who will reappear after his participation in the World Cup with the Mexican national team and after taking over Due leave to get back in shape later, she returns to the call-up, the first under Veljko Paunović’s orders.

The Holy Flock arrives at this duel with a completely renewed spirit unlike the previous campaign, After adding three consecutive victories, it puts them at the top of Group Two within the Sky Cup, whose final they will play next Friday, and for this reason it is necessary that Gru gets into action so that it takes the rhythm of the game and introduces the new dynamics of Team Guadalajara.

On the call made by Chivas on Tuesday afternoon, The Gru 26 leads the summoned as Victor Guzmán and Daniel Ríos are clearly out They will not be taken into account because they barely trained a day with their teammates and They did not play football, so the coaching staff decided to exclude them.

Chivas is invited to confront Atlas

In the same way, neither “Pocho” Guzmán nor Daniel Ríos can engage in activity with Chiverío. in this contest. So who is he? The long-awaited comeback we’re talking about is that of Alexis Vega, which has wrapped With his physical readjustment program to high competition he was included in the squad list to face the Red and Black.”And the Guadalajara posted on its official page.

  • Goalkeepers: Miguel Jimenez, Raul Rangel, Antonio Rodriguez
  • Defenses: Gilberto Orozco, Gilberto Sepúlveda, Luis Olivas, Hiram Mir, Jesus Sanchez, Antonio Briceño, Alan Mozo, Alejandro Mayorga, Christian Calderon, Diego Campillo.
  • The media: Fernando Beltran, Ruben Gonzalez, Sebastian Perez Bouquet, Eduardo Torres, Pavel Perez, Sergio Flores, Zahed Muñoz.
  • Attackers: Alexis Vega, Isaac Brizuela, Santiago Urmeno, Luis Puente, Jose Gonzalez, Marioni Hamm
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