What did the Minister of Public Works say about Lisandro Macarola

What did the Minister of Public Works say about Lisandro Macarola

Deign Ascensionminister Public Works and Communicationsknowledge of Lisandro Macarola As a “man of great contributions to the country, to a successful life as a businessman, as well as a government official presiding Louis Abenader.

When asked by reporters, after exposing the The Ninth Summit for Democracy and Development 2022Ascención, Ascención said that as a fellow Cabinet member that he and as a person, in the years he was in charge, “I have seen the effort he has made and worked for the benefit of the country, I must repeat that, at a time like this, I know this is a difficult moment for him and his family.”

He highlighted the contributions he made in each initiative for the benefit of the country in which he was seen with certain levels of responsibility, with great efficiency and with great dedication.

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When evaluating the decision macarola After requesting indefinite leave of absence for the position of Minister of the Presidency, Ascension noted, “Look, Lisandro Macarola, a man of great contributions to the country, has made a decision, let us say, of a personal nature, non-binding because there is no legal position to oblige him, but he thought of the best.” this way “.

We ask God here that everything becomes clear. He comes from a hard-working family, of honest and productive people, and I am sure he will overcome the situation that our fellow Cabinet member Lisandro Macarola is going through.” The Minister of Public Works said.

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