What does the May Flower Moon name mean?

What does the May Flower Moon name mean?

On Wednesday, the 26th of May, the full Moon will hit its height. This New Moon is the next Full Moon of the year that will become the second of two supermoon — don’t forget it! Moreover, some regions are covered by a complete lunar eclipse. This is all about the full moon this month and how the so-called “Flower Moon” came to be. This is all of it.

When will the full Moon be seen in May 2021?

May’s whole Flower Moon will cross the highest light on Wednesday 26 May at 7:14 AM (EDT). The timing will be really near or below the horizon, so you expect to enjoy the best view of the full Flower Moon the night before or Wednesday night! Find, where possible, a spot with unimpeded horizon views. See how long our Moonrise and Moonset calculator will be visible in your location.


Full Moon is a total lunar eclipse this month. A lunar eclipse as the Earth lies between the Moon and the Sun, and the Earth casts its shadow on the Moon. The earth’s shadow completely darkens the Moon during a complete lunar eclipse, which gives the Moon a reddish shade. The name “blood moon” originates from this occurrence. However, don’t get your expectations too high. This lunar eclipse is only apparent in Western North America, Western South America, Eastern Asia, and Oceania and happens early on 26 May. 

So at the time of the eclipse, the Moon is already under the horizon. On the West Coast, during the eclipse, the Moon is so low in the sky that a high point of view with a good view of the western sky is required. At 1:46 PDT, the Moon enters the outer edge of the shadow of the earth (called “penumbra”), reaching the deepest portion of the shadow (“umbra”) at 2:45 PDT when the partial eclipse starts. The eclipse is complete between 4:11 PDT and 4:26 PDT. PDT. Around 5:53 A.M. PDT and 6:51 PDT, the Moon will exit the umbrella.

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The Closest Supermoon of 2021:

The first was April’s Pink Moon, and the second was May’s Flower Moon. Two Supermoons happen back in 2021. When the Full Moon comes out this month, it’s ever closer to earth than it was in April, so May’s Flower Moon will be technically the most extensive and brightest full moon in the year. The Moon of May does not appear bigger or brighter than April since the Moon’s distance from Earth varies between April and May by less than 100 miles. This is a small distance in the large area, but we can still see a stunning, shiny supermoon.

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