What is Cuba’s roster for the Caribbean Baseball Cup?

What is Cuba’s roster for the Caribbean Baseball Cup?

Elite League Talents. Photo: Roberto Moregon/JIT.

The Cuban roster for the fourth Bahamas Caribbean Baseball 2022 Cup was released Monday.

The roster includes three catchers, six batters, five outfielders, and 10 pitchers, among the youngest and most talented players in Cuba’s elite baseball league.

These are not members of the Cuban pre-selection to participate in the V World Baseball Classic, but they are important figures for next year’s international commitments, among them the V Games of Alba and Centrocaribes of San Salvador 2023 and the Pan American Games of Santiago 2023.

The Caribbean competition will provide places for San Salvador 2023, but Cuba already has safe passage and will be attending to honor them and take a blank. With the goal of qualifying, Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Virgin Islands and the host nations will battle it out.

The third edition of this exhibition is dedicated to Higinio Vélez, who died from Covid-19 in 2021. Cuba lost in the final against Curaçao by a score of four rounds to three.


  • Receivers (3): Unior Ibarra (GAN), Ivan Prieto (AGR) and Rachel Lopez (CEN).
  • Interveners (6): Guillermo Aviles (AGR), Santiago Torres (CAF), Rangel Ramos (BOR), Luis Vicente Mateu (CEN), Cristian Rodriguez (CEN) and Rodolisis Moreno (GAN).
  • Outfielders (5): Leonardo Arguel (TAB), Hector Labrada (GAN), Joelkes Guibert (CAF), Yacel Gonzalez (CAF) and Alexmir Sanchez (AGR).
  • Launchers (10): Ariel Zerqueira (Jan), Jose R. Rodriguez (Jean), Alexandre Valente (CAF), Yunir Castillo (AGR), Pavel Hernandez (BOR), Andy Vargas (BOR), Javier Mirabal (C), Franklin Quintana (TAB), Leodan Reyes (TAB) and Yodis Reyes (CAF) .
  • Director: Armando Johnson.
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(taken from JIT)

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