What is the idea of ​​Elon Musk the richest man in the world to improve traffic in Miami – 01/22/2020

What is the idea of ​​Elon Musk the richest man in the world to improve traffic in Miami – 01/22/2020

As the world turns its sights on the leadership transition in Washington this week, Billionair Elon Musk And mayor MiamiFrances Suarez Share tweets about the Tunnel An system Founder of SpaceX Offered to build in the city.

Other mayors have joined in the excitement, but the prospect raises suspense for many Miami residents, although some are cautious about the swampy geology.

The tweet began on Monday, when Musk wrote: “Cars and trucks stuck in traffic generate megatons of toxic gases, but @ boringcompany’s underground tunnels in Miami will solve the traffic and set an example for the world.”

With this message, Musk responded to a Twitter invitation from the mayor of Miami, who offered to visit the city to discuss “potential solutions for our future.”

Musk from Just listed as the richest person in the worldHe added that he spoke about tunnels last week The Boring CompanyOne of his projects, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantes.

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“If the governor and mayor want it to be done, we will,” SpaceX captain and SpaceX promised Tesla.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levin Cava responded with “Let’s talk,” and Fort Lauderdale County’s Dean Trantales said his city wanted to “be part of the discussion.”

The exchange comes in the context of efforts by Suarez, Mayor of Miami, to lure investors and tech from Silicon Valley to the “magic city”.

But many were skeptical of the difficulties of tunneling in the geology of the swamps and flood-prone from rising sea levels.

“It doesn’t look very smart and it will definitely be expensive,” Curtis Gourley, a professor of structural engineering at the University of Florida, told CBS Miami.

“This is perhaps the most important and innovative human alive, but someone has to explain Florida’s geology to him before a disaster strikes. [porquería] Unbelievably stupid, ”Florida-based journalist Michael Grunwald tweeted for Politico.

Michelle Grand, 24, a civil engineering student at Florida State University, told AFP that while it is interesting to “explore ways to improve the public transportation system,” it will be necessary to investigate whether the project “can be implemented without causing an impact on the environment.” “.

Florida is a porous limestone plateau, with abundant open or underground channels, prone to flooding and the emergence of sewage, cavities that suddenly appear due to groundwater erosion that can be swallowed up into a house.

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