What is Zker Vault in World of Warcraft Dragonflight – how to play and pass them

What is Zker Vault in World of Warcraft Dragonflight – how to play and pass them

Since the release of a major Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft, Blizzard developers have seriously taken up the revision and development of the game plot. This is necessary for a logical explanation to the players of certain events that take place in the world of Azeroth and to give the quests a denser plot component.

Players need to understand what the Dragon Island is, where it came from and why it has been hidden from prying eyes for so long, and at the same time have an idea where the development of the game world and upcoming updates are heading.

Of course, new lands cannot do without special quests and special locations that need to be studied and conquered for accelerated character development and a better understanding of the Azeroth universe.

Don’t forget to go to the Dragon Islands you will need level 60 and arrival at the port to sail to new, unexplored islands.

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What is Zker Vault in World of Warcraft

Starting with the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft, Blizzard developers have added a new type of content in the open world for all players who have reached the maximum level of 70.

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The location is located in the Forbidden Land, and players who have the required level and completed the quests connecting with the area to gain access can go to it.

In the Zker Vault, players will be able to obtain unique Onyx Rings that can be equipped or dismantled for unique resources. Each player will visit the area at least twice to strengthen their character.

As part of the accompanying quests, you will learn how to extract special stones from onyx rings for later use or selling them to less fortunate gamers.

How to get permission to access the Zker Vault in World of Warcraft

To get the right to access the Zker Vault in World of Warcraft, you need to go through the preparatory chain of tasks that originate in the Forbidden Land.

Travel to the capital city of the Dragon Isles, Valdrakchen, and speak to Kurazidai at the Throne of the Aspects and proceed to the island completing the quests in order one after the other. Upon reaching the quest Exploring Our Past, you will be given the right to enter the Zker Vault.

A task called Zker Vault Az will carry the goal of a complete study of the vault.

To enter the Zker Vault, travel to Morkut Island and speak with Jeb the Pathfinder.

Zker Vault does not have any limits on the number of login attempts and time periods during which you can be inside.

Zker Vault is updated once a week in case of success – even if you are defeated, you can make a new attempt before Tuesday of each new week.

A separate copy of the Zker Vault dungeon is created for each character.

To open the doors in Zker Vault, you need a special key. Pioneer Tacha will give you the first 6 keys for free.

How to get keys from Zker Vault

In order to constantly have access to the vault, you need to stock up on Zker Vault keys, they can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. By completing the main and secondary quests in the Forbidden Land.
  2. Find them in Forbidden Caches.
  3. Pick up from rare monsters with a certain probability.
  4. Pull out of the bag of strange gizmos, which are sold at the cataloger Daela for 2000 elemental energy.

Keys from Zker Vault are tied to your account, which means that you can get them by secondary characters and transfer them to your main character.

Walkthrough Zker Vault

  1. You need to go down and find the detection, which is located in the center of the Hall.
  2. Your task for the first entry is to get the Onyx Ring, an item that gives a significant increase in stamina and has three sockets for additional gems. You need to find an unusual ring to start the quest.
  3. There are 30 doors in the collection, each opening consumes a Zker Vault key. That is, in total, you need 30 keys per week to receive all possible rewards.
  4. Monsters are waiting for you in each room, where you can find radial experience and gold and chests with which precious items, special stones and other useful resources are obtained.
  5. The next floors will be presented with puzzles of different difficulty levels. Some will be easy to guess, some consumers show up in the observation room for completion that don’t show up and don’t show up, and you won’t have to go back to a later time.
  6. For completing each of the puzzles, you will find a similar reward in the form of a chest, or monsters, but the reward itself can be improved or presented in greater numbers. Always be prepared for the fact that the room does not have a solution to the problem and in order to put the puzzle together, you will need to open at least one room and find the right one from all possible ones. Use the web to move between floors to locate the required rooms.
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Rewards for completing Zker Vault

The main reward in the dungeon is, of course, the Onyx Ring with an increase in stamina and various gems to be inserted into sockets with parameters that are individual for each class.

You can get holoscops – special projectors that can summon holograms of famous goddesses and gods as an interesting temporary effect. This is a purely visual entertainment item for creating images of interesting characters from the World of Warcraft.

Pets from the Zker Vault, which you can call as companions and recall.

You can complete two achievements at once while actively playing the Zker Vault.

Beating Thresholds – Open 50 doors using the  Zker Vault keys  .

All doors, everywhere and at once – open all doors within one game week using Zker Vault keys.

Without completing these achievements, you will not be able to get the forbidden status – the complete completion of the list of achievements from the Forbidden Land region.

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