What the defender won after the reduction in Barcelona

What the defender won after the reduction in Barcelona


Gerrard Pique His exact salary statement for the month of December after Barcelona Issuing an official statement regarding the salaries of some football players.

They liquidated the highest salaries of Barcelona players

The reaction of the entity occurs in response to information from the Catalan journalist Lluís Canut On TV3 where he gave exorbitant figures about what the Barcelona leaders accused him of.

According to this reporter, Effects Accused 28 million euros according to the season. On the other hand, the footballer responded via Twitter with the capture of his latest payroll, dated December 2021 and corresponding to half of his file. The figure rises to 2.3 million euros, so his annual salary will be about 5 “kilograms” per campaign.

“Characters like this ship from public television to defend their friends. Here you have 50 percent of my payroll collected as of December 30th. Have a little respect for yourself,” the central defender wrote.

On the other hand, the caller Marcelo Pichler He explained, “This is equivalent to 50% of the salary. Players receive half of their salaries until 12/31 and the other half at the end of the season.

Pique reveals that he tried to leave Barcelona for Pep Guardiola

Previously, it was a file Barcelona He had also issued a statement in response to this information. Journalist giving a number 28 million From Gerard, also confirmed that Busquets Fee 23 million Jordi Alba 20 million per season.

Official statement from Barcelona

Regarding appearances SR. Lluís Canut carried out yesterday on the program Onze on TV3, FC Barcelona wants to clarify the following:

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1. The club has not, in any way, provided information on the salaries of some first-team players and their origin is unknown.

2. In any case, the amounts indicated in the information are erroneous and do not correspond to reality, and, moreover, in the case of the first three players indicated, they are given as fixed amounts, being variable, likely never to have reached merit.

3. It is wrong that the mentioned players have only deferred 100% of their salaries. Messrs. Pique, Busquets and Alba waived part of their salaries when they signed their last contract renewal last summer.

We consider them inappropriate and unprofessional and that they acted in bad faith when you provided this information as true and truthful and we regret providing statements of this nature which affect the personal rights of players and which, when true, deserve the highest levels of confidentiality.

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