What to Expect from the Metaverse as it Becomes More Prominent

What to Expect from the Metaverse as it Becomes More Prominent

The metaverse has been advertised to the general public and businesses alike as the next stage of the internet and even human existence. At its core, the metaverse is merely a digital space forged by 3D designers that can, eventually, be interacted with in ways akin to the real world through mixed reality tech.

It seeks to host social gatherings, business meetings, entertainment, eCommerce, and more, with the from-home convenience being a big selling point. While you may not be savvy to or even intrigued by the prospect of the metaverse just yet, there’s enough momentum now that it looks to become at least a small feature in many lives.

So, here’s a look at some key elements of the metaverse to expect as a nascent user.

The first-person experience

The metaverse is meant to feel real and as though you’re walking through another real world. As such, virtual reality tech looks to underpin the experience for most people. The first-person perspective in digital creations isn’t something that’s secluded to VR, though, as when you play blackjack online games at Paddy’s, you can do so in first-person.

This is without the need for a VR headset, too. The virtual room created for Blackjack First Person offers space beyond the flat table service. Playing blackjack in this way offers a taste of the metaverse experience, at least from an entertainment point of view, without needing to put hundreds down on a VR kit. It’s immersive and interactive.

Still, virtual reality is integral to the grand scope of the metaverse, it seems. It was shown in Meta’s presentation and unveiling of their Metaverse plans that it’ll focus on everyone having a digital avatar and venturing in via their Quest headsets. The immersion offered by the first-person experience is key to this next stage of the internet.

Taking live streaming further

Just as online blackjack has expanded into first-person gaming and interactive live-stream gaming, the metaverse and VR tech look to leverage live streaming to enhance their appeal for entertainment-seekers. The key will be bridging the gap between static 2D streams to immersive 3D live streams within the metaverse.

There is an argument to be made for simply live streaming Twitch’s streamers or live sport onto a big screen in the metaverse being enough as people from all over will be able to gather and discuss virtually in person. However, having raised £3.7 million, the tech being developed by Condense Reality’s team in the UK looks to develop full hybrid virtual and real-world events to enhance the experience and make it 3D in the metaverse.

In come the advertisers

One of the warrant fears or points of suspicion surrounding the grandiose Meta announcement of its Metaverse is that it’ll be leveraged to bombard people with ads. The Facebook platform generated over $116 billion in 2022, per FourWeekMBA’s findings and data, with over 97 percent of that coming by way of ad revenues. So, these claims aren’t unfounded.

Facebook’s Metaverse won’t be the only form of metaverse out there, but it will almost certainly attempt to monopolize as much of the space as possible and, as with Facebook, make it essential to digital activities. It’ll invite brands to set up their own experiences and make ad deals. Already, Nike, Gucci, and Samsung have broken into the market.

The metaverse is certainly on its way, and these are the elements that look to govern the experience for millions as it starts to hit the mainstream.

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