What Were the Best New Slot Games of 2021?

What Were the Best New Slot Games of 2021?

New slot games and new slot sites in the UK are released every year and with so many titles hitting our screens, it can be challenging to know which slot games to play. As we look at the best mobile slots to play online from the best new slot games of 2021, with some cracking titles that could go on to become leading games for many years.

Going back to February 2021, the world, especially the casinos in UK saw the release of the highly anticipated Gates of Olympus slot by Pragmatic Play in the wave of Slot Games of 2021. As the name implies, this slot game has its foundations in the gods of Ancient Greece, and we even witness an appearance by Zeus, who is the main character in the game.

Gates of Olympus is played on 5×6 reels and the game uses the All Ways system, suggesting there are more methods to win than on traditional style slots. If a symbol is in view, it can pay regardless of where on the reels it is situated and that makes for an immensely exciting game. Try in demo mode Gates of Olympus slot and test strategies and your skills.

Goblin’s Cave

If you love and are a fan of the world of Harry Potter that holds all the magic and wizardry that fantasy lovers tend to swoon over, then you’re undoubtedly going to love and enjoy Goblin’s cave. It has a lot of that magical world with its themes of goblins, rings, jewels, and gold. It’s an easy 4-reel slot game with four pay lines. One of its most unique features is that it permits users to keep hold of specific symbols in order to improve one’s chances of winning. This game sticks with a very easy formula of great design, good quality gameplay, and attractive features. That seems to be why it resonates with so many online slot users, playing slot games online.


For the traditional slot gamers who are searching for a bit of Nostalgia, Starburst still remains to be one of the most famous online slot machine games in the world. It’s a classic game that was founded and developed by NetEnt and has consistently been on the top of lists like these for several years. Naturally, with its impressive visuals and mesmerizing gameplay, it’s not difficult to figure out why this game is still so famous and widespread even after all this time. If you were one of the classic slot gamers of the Candy Crush games back in the earlier iPhones, then you would definitely enjoy the visuals and design of Starburst.

Sunrise Reels

It occasionally pays to have a game that just looks pleasing because it boosts the gaming experience as a whole. That’s precisely what Sunrise Reels delivers. The game is created and painted against the beautiful background of a sunrise scene. It can be tough to feel tense while you’re playing when you’re gazing at the endless beauty of a sunrise. Another reason why it’s so famous is that this particular game offers a jackpot slot that can offer up to 13,000 credits.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a widespread offering from the game development titan Microgaming. This is a firm that has secured and cemented its legacy in terms of game development for online casinos. And Mega Moolah is a flawless example of just how good the company is at bringing out quality games. It has a wonderful design that offers a very simple and amazing user experience. There’s really not much to point out and complain about with a game that’s designed and developed so well.

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Do new slots have bonuses?

Yes, the latest and new slots do feature bonuses. Joker’s Luck Deluxe features multiple bonus features like wilds, Red Joker, and a Cash Tower feature. These bonuses are important, immersive, and unique gameplay.

According to the casino expert, Joe Booth, most new UK slot sites now accord spins and bonus funds on some of these casino game titles to give incentives to both new and existing players.


Developers are running and competing with each other in order to attempt and launch new and compelling mechanics, especially the kind that comes with high volatility and the big rewards that would be associated with them. Finding a new method to deliver numerous ways to win seems to be the way to go from most of them, while some go a distinct route. The components and features will only get better from here.

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