What will happen to the dogs of Queen Elizabeth II?

What will happen to the dogs of Queen Elizabeth II?

London. As associated with her image as pouches or her signature hairstyle, the adorable corgi dogs of the late Elizabeth II were left without an owner and many wonder what will happen to the animals now.

Buckingham Palace still has too many doubts to explain. With practically unknown information about the entire process, from moving the coffin from Balmoral (Scotland) to London until the funeral, there has been no official communication about the fate of the Queen’s dogs.

Whatever happens, it will be difficult for the animals to enjoy their nurturing life like their deceased lover.

The royal chefs painstakingly prepared their menu, though they may have enjoyed more cleaning up the crumbs that escaped the King from 5:00 p.m. tea cakes or devouring the semi-finished toast with jam that Elizabeth served during breakfast.

Canine psychologists attended them when problems arose among them, and they had their own Christmas stock where they received their gifts. For the Queen, her dogs, and especially her dogs, were very special.

new race

Nor is it known for certain how many dogs currently owned by Elizabeth II, who died last Thursday at the age of 96 in her Balmoral castle, although there are believed to be at least four: two of the Corgi dogs, Moick and Sandy; Rooster Spaniel, Lacey, and Candy, Dorje (a hybrid of sausage dog and corgi, whose origin is specifically attributed to the Queen).

“The Queen had no intention of creating a new race. Penny Junor said in All the Queen’s Corgis (2018) that she saw Dorgis as a diversion between her and her sister (Daisy), and they were such friendly dogs that they kept doing so.

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This author explained in the same work that two of the people closest to the King, stitched by Angela Kelly and sewed by Paul Whybrew, in many cases personally looked after the animals.

However, the most common hypothesis among experts at the House of Windsor is that the care of the Queen’s dogs will fall to her children, with Prince Andrew (said to be Elizabeth’s favorite son) as a prime candidate to inherit which of the dogs. .

King’s passion for dogs dates back to the age of seven, when she convinced her father to buy one for her. At the time, George, Duke of York, was not even heir to the throne, and the family lived a quiet and comfortable life in a central London house.

As the Daily Telegraph reports, the family already had several dogs, including a Labrador and Spaniel, but Isabel and Margherita fell in love with a neighbor’s corgi who seemed more fun than their two dogs.

The loving father of the two girls could not refuse his daughter’s request and in 1933 commissioned a breeder to take three dogs home at 145 Piccadilly in London to keep one.

saved character

Elizabeth II’s devotion to animals may have had something to do with her shyness and introverted personality, remembers her husband Philip’s cousin, Pamela Hicks.

“The Queen is a very private person. He longs to be in a room with everyone else.” Hicks once said, according to the Telegraph: “Dogs, horses, her husband … have few friends, and if she had to choose between dogs, horses and friends, no doubt in that she would choose.”

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Most of the 30+ dogs the deceased owned in her lifetime were native Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Now, the corgi community in the UK feels they have been left without their animal godmother.

For Kay Hogg, secretary in Scotland for the Welsh Corgis, “a part of our world has been lost”.

Speaking to the local PA Agency, Hogg noted that “wherever the Queen has gone, there have always been Corgis,” a breed he described as “little dogs with big personalities.”

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