What will happen to WhatsApp on February 8th?

What will happen to WhatsApp on February 8th?

There is only a day left from the time that the WhatsApp messaging app has tentatively limited its users to accept the new policies. Many chose not to accept the app and still continue to use it on their cell phones and other things, even though they received the message approving the change, they simply let it pass and today they still haven’t taken any action on it.

The announcements about changes to WhatsApp’s terms caused an uproar, with Áxel Díaz, director of Adalid Corp., explained And a computer security expert, recently told EL TIEMPO, that this “will allow the entire Facebook group to use all the information that WhatsApp collects.”

For this reason, according to specialized media, there has been a huge migration to new messaging alternatives such as Telegram and Signal. However, many are still not removing their first mobile phone, as reported by Computer Hoy.

Well, given all this panorama, doubts persist about what will happen to users who continue to use the app on their cell phones and still don’t accept or definitely reject the policies. The answer is nothing. As EL TIEMPO announced a few days ago, the company decided to move the update date so that users understand the changes and that will be in May.

This means that if the device still has the app, it will simply carry on with its normal functions. “No account will be suspended or deleted on February 8th. Additionally, we will take a number of steps to clear out misinformation about how privacy and security work on WhatsApp. After that, we will gradually ask users to review the policy at their own pace before enabling the new work options in May 15, “the company said in an official statement posted on its page.

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He concluded by saying that WhatsApp is precisely what has helped provide comprehensive encryption for its users at all latitudes in the world, and that is precisely why they are committed to defending this technology.


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