What's next in the rift between Mexico and Ecuador?

What's next in the rift between Mexico and Ecuador?

(CNN Spanish) –– Mexico's Foreign Secretary, Alicia Barcena, explained this Monday when she recounted how the Ecuadorian police entered the Mexican embassy in Quito after the break in relations with Ecuador. ok

The president said the embassy was “indefinitely closed and consular services suspended” after Friday's raid, aimed at arresting Ecuador's former vice president, Jorge Claus, who was seeking political asylum. He said Digital and the Mexican embassies in Chile, Colombia and Peru will provide consular attention to Mexicans in Ecuador, which he noted is approximately 1,600 and 30 companies.

As a result of Ecuadorian police entering the embassy, ​​Mexico severed diplomatic ties and ordered Mexican personnel to leave.

Barsena reiterated that it would appeal to the International Court of Justice “and in other cases” to condemn the facts.

The official showed a video of the events, and highlighted how the consulate's principal, Roberto Canseco, was “kneeled with his face on the ground, threatening his safety” as he tried to stop the break-in.

During the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, “(I want) to thank the embassy staff who played a wonderful, excellent role in this mission.

The president thanked the international community for supporting Mexico in the face of Ecuador's move, which he described as an “authoritarian” and “unbelievable” act.

Ecuador defended the action taken this Friday, pointing out that by hosting the class Mexico violates its diplomatic immunity and the exercise of its mission, and international law provides that the laws of the receiving state must be respected and not interfered with. internal affairs of that state.

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This Monday, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Gabriela Sommerfeld said in an interview with Telemazonas that the country is ready to re-establish diplomatic relations with Mexico “respecting the sovereignty of our country”.

“It is resolved at a table where both sides have to present the truth and based on that truth they have to start resolving and rebuilding,” the official added.

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