WhatsApp Announces New Functions for Voice Messages, Get to Know Them!

WhatsApp Announces New Functions for Voice Messages, Get to Know Them!

WhatsApp is constantly changing To cater to the needs of millions of users around the world.

One of the most useful WhatsApp tools, Voice messages, It was first available in 2013, almost 10 years ago, and without a doubt, it’s here to stay and, above all, to change the way we communicate.

WhatsApp voice messages are no doubt one of the most used applications on a daily basis as it is very convenient to start talking by pressing the microphone icon. What text message to write; Not only that, you will easily understand yourself.

According to the app developers, on average About 7 billion voice messages are sent every day; All are secure and private as they are protected by end-to-end encryption.

But now, considering its functionality, WhatsApp people have decided to upgrade some of the functions of voice messaging that you can definitely like and that we provide you below.

These will be the new features for WhatsApp voice messages

1) You can hear voice messages outside the chat, So you can continue multitasking or read and respond to other news.

2) Now if you want to send voice message, You can pause the record and resume anytime.

3) and more Voice messages are represented in the form of sound waves, It will help you to register regularly.

4) Similarly, You can hear it before sending the voice message and you can continue to run it from the pause. If you pause when you hear voicemail, you can pick up where you left off when you return to chat.

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5) You can enable sent or received voice messages At 1.5x or 2x speeds.

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