WhatsApp does not allow strangers to see your last link

WhatsApp does not allow strangers to see your last link

Indicates that everything is popular Application From Share Whether you are online and your last connection, this will no longer allow a stranger to protect the user’s privacy.

Application and Websites Third parties, such as WaStat, WaTools, or ChatWatch, cannot spy on whether you are “online” or have been last connected.

Recently, the popular WhatsApp application has implemented a new privacy feature that hides your privacy Link Helps keep you in “invisible” mode in front of people you do not save to your contact list.

Application Meta Enables a new security feature that lets users check their status, whether they are “online” or not, when they last logged in. Conversation.

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This way, users can access information about third-party applications and websites such as WaStat, WaTools or ChatWatch, whether or not they limit the privacy settings of their connection.

Services, for a fee, can only access personal information if you enter a phone number.

They had the power to verify that you were online at the time and when you last applied.

Some allow you to go a step further and monitor the activity of the number so that they notify you when a user is “online” for a period of time, which can lead to harassment situations.

WhatsApp tech support has been confirmed through the Twitter social network, the application will no longer display this information publicly and it is currently only available to user contacts.

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Apps and websites like the ones mentioned in the previous paragraphs can no longer track the WhatsApp activity of any phone number, and if you access a cell phone number it will only show that it is “Offline”.

To improve the privacy and security of our users, we make it extremely difficult for strangers and strangers to view your last connection time and online connection status on WhatsApp. It does not change anything between you and your friends, family and businesses with which you know and have previously exchanged messages, ”says WhatsApp through its technical support.

This change will mainly affect users who have our phone number but do not contact us.

In particular, you can no longer see if a link is online from previous apps and websites.

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