WhatsApp: How to hide notification “writes”

WhatsApp: How to hide notification “writes”
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Share It is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications in Latin America. Since its launch in 2016, it has been downloaded more than 5 billion times worldwide. The platform has evolved with thousands of updates and new features. Some stickers and GIFs are well received by users, while others are more controversial, such as blue popcorn or the “last link” message. That’s why here we tell you how to send messages on WhatsApp without showing “you write”.

There are various ways and tricks to prevent your contacts from seeing whether you are writing a message or recording a voice note. Here are the best tips to keep your answers hidden when you create them.

Enabling “Flight Mode” on your cell phone is the wrong way to go unnoticed. This will stop your device from receiving WiFi signal or cellular data, which may appear to be disconnected. Once you do that, you only need to write or record your messages, and the shipment will be pending once you disable “Flight Mode”. While this is a great way to avoid alerting your contacts, you may not be able to see if you have new messages while you are offline.

File photo: This chart taken on January 21, 2021 has a 3D printed WhatsApp logo placed on the computer motherboard.  REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo
File photo: This chart taken on January 21, 2021 has a 3D printed WhatsApp logo placed on the computer motherboard. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo

A sophisticated option, but very simple, is to download the FlySat app, which allows you to enter a kind of “incognito mode”. You can find it for free on the Google App Store and the best thing is that it not only works on WhatsApp, but also on Messenger, Line and video calling sites like Hangouts and Skype.

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The application runs simultaneously and automatically, so you will be hidden in all the apps they have, whether you are connected to the Internet or not using them at the time. Your contacts may not know if you are writing or are online, but you can find out if they exist. The only drawback is that the app only works with SMS, so you can’t send pictures or voice messages when you use WhatsApp.

Despite the controversy over’s new privacy policy Share, As well as its downfall, many users use the operating system regularly, so some are more interested in learning how to use the app.

The main purpose of WhatsApp is to communicate with us Contacts, It is important to know if there are any of them Deleted or blocked If we can still talk to them.

For a variety of reasons, a person can make the decision to delete or block someone, so if they have done this to you, you may want to reconsider contacting that person.

If someone deletes you, you can continue to send messages or make calls through the app, but you will not have any of these options if blocked.

REUTERS / Thomas White / File Photo
REUTERS / Thomas White / File Photo

How do I know I was fired?

Find out No need to download any app Or take advantage of operating system failure, but some features need to be taken into account, suspicious and WhatsApp needs to be updated.

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You may already be the first step in figuring it out You can not see his profile picture This is because most people can only see their contacts within their configuration.

That’s another sign You will no longer see their positions and stories, Especially if the person is very active in these areas.

Although this depends on the other person’s settings, another indicator is that they already exist You can not see their last connection status.

Yes really, If you send him a message and see that two popcorn have arrived, He will only confirm that you have been removed from your contacts, or that he may have changed his phone and not saved your number yet.

What if they stop me?

Signs of finding it are the same as if someone deleted you, the messages you send will not come, and you will not be able to make calls.

According to WhatsApp, The lock feature is vaguely designed to protect users’ privacyFor this reason, it has no notice of any kind or desire to know, and sending or calling that person is the only confirmation method and application will not allow it.

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