“When I won the World Cup I was the only player…”

“When I won the World Cup I was the only player…”


Leo Messi The comedian gave an interview to ‘Olga En Vivo’ hosted by the comedian Miku Granados And he reviewed his present in Miami and what it was like to live in Paris in a sober tone. The Argentine has been living in the US for two months already, putting an end to his European career.

The striker acknowledges his time PSG “It’s not what I expected,” he says, downplaying it. “Things always happen for a reason, even if it’s not good, I want to be world champion there.”

He asked about his relationship with his teammates in the locker room, especially with him Kylian Mbappe, Messi He replied: “Good with all.” Likewise, he admitted, “I was there when we won the final and, quote, by us, they weren’t world champions.”

But he didn’t bite his tongue, recalling that “apart from the other 25 players there, I was the only one who didn’t have recognition,” referring to the 2022 crowning Argentina team in Qatar.

After he freaked out Barcelona In 2021, Messi He moved to PSG and signed a two-season contract. ’10’ never adapted to the environment of the French capital and his club, so he decided not to renew and landed in Miami in July of this year to leave everything he had experienced.

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