When Salma Hayek failed her final exam on Televisa

When Salma Hayek failed her final exam on Televisa

Ariel Lopez Padilla He can be a great villain in fiction, but so much more than that in real life. The actor noted that in 1988 he was invited to teach dance lessons in what is now art education center (The) from Televisa, where he was a student Salma Hayek, in which he failed his final exam, not because of poor performance in choreography, but because of the fact that he rarely attended classes, and although Madame Pinault claimed him, he kept his grade.

Ilse Salas Disappointment: Appears on the cut-off cover

Actress Iles Salas can already say that she was immortalized on the cover of a book… half of it. The protagonist of the novel “Güeros y Amores Modernos” served as a model for the novel “Doble Nacionalidad” which he wrote Nina Yarzhikov, with a fragmented image at the end. The design is very original, but only part of the eye and the bottom of the nose was visible. I am happy, of course.

Zarat asks them to stop supporting tiktokeros

“And the children who prepare daily and break their mothers day in and day out?” This is the question that Oswaldo Zarate, the protagonist of “De Brutas Nada”, asks when he sees that they prefer looking for influencers in different projects than young people who dedicate themselves full-time to preparing to be better at acting, and therefore, the actor regrets that those who do not have the time To be on TikTok, they are not taken into account.

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