When you want to get rid of it and something fails …

When you want to get rid of it and something fails …

When it comes in from the front the loops pulsate, the panels shiver … it’s true Zion Williamson1.98m 129kg jumping 20s from New Orleans Pelicans, Chosen by excellence in 1st place of the 2019 Draft (It originated from the prestigious Duke University) who started his career with various injuries – let his right knee say so – and that only in the last few months he has been happy to start pushing more than he expected.

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So far this season, North Carolina’s population figures are commendable: 23.5 points (59% of field goals), 7.4 rebounds and 2.6 assists per match. Although when he fails, he fails … and with absolute power, which makes everything a lot more exciting.

This Friday, in the middle of the Pelican match against the Indiana Pacers, he easily separated himself from the Justin Holiday brand, and when he tried to turn it against the Georgian brand Goga Bitadze, He did not come in front of the board and got stuck in the immersion, with the little detail he destabilized the ring and the game had to be suspended until it was fixed …

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Brandon Ingram scored 30 points to help with that The Zion Concession 114-113 prevailed. Lonzo Ball added 20 points and nine rebounds for New Orleans, which has won for the fourth time in six matches. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Zion Williamson contributed 18 points, while Stephen Adams finished 12 points and 12 rebounds.

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The Pelicans were even an 18-point lead, but a hat-trick from Myles Turner brought the Pacers closer to one point with 39.1 seconds from the end. Turner made his way down the aisle in the last moments and jumped for a photo. But the ball hit the outside of the ring and the backboard without going inside. The resulting flux in search of the recoil made a two-way jump with half a second left. The guests had possession of the ball and the match was over. Later on from the account …

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