Which Type of Players Are Eligible to ‘Exclusive’ Casino Bonuses?

Which Type of Players Are Eligible to ‘Exclusive’ Casino Bonuses?

Online gambling has become an increasingly popular pursuit over recent years, especially in relation to the global pandemic which forced people away from public entertainment spaces and into their homes. Online gaming provided a social connection to people in a time of social isolation. As a result of this, we’ve also experienced a growth in the number of online casinos. Operating in a highly saturated market has meant that online casinos have to work hard to set themselves apart from the competition. One way of doing so is by offering potential customers’ exclusive’ casino bonuses as a way of attracting them to a particular online casino.

Whether you are new to the world of online gambling or an old hand at the slots, it is essential to be aware of the type of player that is eligible for these types of bonuses before jumping in.

Apart from the mandatory T&Cs and wagering requirements every player should look into, there is also the question of eligibility when it comes to certain bonuses on offer. Remember, just because there’s a promotion available, this doesn’t automatically mean you can benefit from it. Even if you’re a loyal player at an online casino, exclusivity comes with certain conditions, and you should also keep in mind that it varies from one operator to the next.

Here are a few things worth noting when determining whether you are the type of player eligible for an ‘exclusive” casino bonus:

Standard vs. Exclusive Bonuses

When you start getting into online gambling, you’ll realize there are all sorts of bonuses intended to attract potential players to a particular online casino. Exclusive bonuses differ markedly from standard bonuses in that they aren’t offered by the casino directly but by an affiliate program. Exclusive bonuses are intended to motivate players to promote the casino more efficiently, so they receive an additional boost on their winnings.

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Claiming Your Winnings

It is important to note that exclusive bonuses can only be claimed once a player has fulfilled the requirements set by the affiliate program. Exclusive bonuses usually come in the form of a code made up of a sequence of letters or numbers that need to be entered when creating an account with a particular casino. The nature of a specific exclusive bonus will depend on the agreement between the casino and the affiliate program but could involve free spins, cash, access to VIP rooms for a limited time period or cashback.

Terms and Conditions

Exclusive bonuses aren’t all that common, so players really need to read the terms and conditions to ensure they are eligible. Firstly, you’ll need to find out about the wagering requirements. In the case of many exclusive bonuses, these are pretty high and difficult to get, so you’ll need to decide if you are the type of player that is able to meet these.

Time Limits

Another point to take note of when reading the terms and conditions on an exclusive bonus is how long the offer is valid. You’ll find that many of these exclusive bonuses are only available for a limited time period, and you’ll need to check that you will be able to achieve the wagering requirements with this period in order to take advantage of the offer.


While the growth of online casinos has removed the obstacles usually associated with geographic boundaries by allowing people to play their favorite games from almost anywhere in the world, the terms of specific exclusive bonuses are limited to people based in a certain location. This may be related to laws in a particular territory or limits set by the affiliate program; in any case, it is worth noting whether the players eligible to benefit from the bonus need to be based in a particular country.

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Final Thoughts

In short, exclusive bonuses that certain casinos offer are markedly different from most standard bonuses or welcome offers, which are available almost everywhere. The terms and conditions on exclusive bonuses are set by an affiliate program rather than the online casino portal itself.

The requirements on some of these exclusive bonuses can also be somewhat restrictive to limit the number of players that can benefit from them. That said, the opportunities to win big using these bonuses are great, so it is certainly worth investing some time learning about the requirements to see if you are eligible.

By the same token, ensuring that you understand exactly who is the type of player eligible to benefit from exclusive bonus at each individual online casino will be vital as it will save you time, effort and disappointment in the long run and ensure you know exactly what to expect when it comes to claiming your winnings.

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