Who are the three ordinary who have been identified so far?

Who are the three ordinary who have been identified so far?

(CNN Español) – Mexican authorities on Tuesday confirmed the identification of the remains of one of the 43 detainees Ayotzinaba She disappeared on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, a state in the south of the country.

The remains belong to Jhosivani Guerrero de la Cruz. It was identified by a DNA analysis conducted by the University of Innsbruck in Austria this year, which was 99.9% coincidence, On Tuesday, Omar Gomez Trego said, Head of the Special Investigation and Litigation Unit for the Ayotzinapa Case, Office of the Public Prosecutor (FGR) in Mexico.

Gomez Trejo pointed out that, In 2015, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (PGR) confirmed that Giusepani identified, but did so by analyzing mitochondrial DNA, “which reflects less certainty and only 17% approval result.”

“It was very low. The necessary iterations and recommendations were made. However, the PGR authorities at that time decided to go out and announce a questionable result, ”the head of the unit also criticized.

Similarly, the official noted that the University of Innsbruck, also in this year’s analysis, repeated the identification of the remains of Christian Alfonso Rodriguez Telumber.

In July 2020, FGR reported the identification of Christian Alfonso after an analysis of osteotomies conducted by the University of Innsbruck. This determination was confirmed in analyzes conducted by the same institution this year.

The first to be identified was Alexandre Mora Financio, As confirmed to CNN, lawyers for the families of the victims in December 2014.

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Alexander Mora

According to the Miguel Agustin Pro Juárez Center for Human Rights, Alexander, who turned 21 in 2014, had a strong desire to become a teacher, and This is how his family remembered him.

Alexander attended Isidro Burgos Rural Normal School when he was 19 years old. He passed his exams and allocated a room for him to share with his classmates. A post on the center’s website, which published the campaign, says crawling letters.

Besides being a teacher, one of his greatest dreams was to become a professional football player. Described as the “crack” of Juventus Perricone, an amateur team he played with his relatives in Guerrero.

“According to family and friends, Alexander wants to be a teacher with his mission to help, but the biggest illusion has always been football. He wants to play for Pumas de la UNAM”, adds the post.

Christian Alfonso

He was only 19 years old when 43 ordinary people disappeared from Ayotzinapa.

“He is the only son of Clemente Rodriguez and Luz Maria Telumber and he has three sisters who are eager for his return. He grew up in the neighborhood of Santiago, in Teixtla, Guerrero » A post on the center’s website mentions, also from the campaign crawling letters.

He wanted to be a teacher to build himself a future and be able to help his family, but what he was most excited about It was a folk dance that he practiced since his childhood.

“He danced in the Xochiquetzal Folk Dance Troupe and his dance buds remember him when he came to rehearsals eating corn and a beige backpack with a long belt on his chest. There he was carrying his dancing shoes. They named him Clark, a nickname he got for his thick black eyeglasses, similar to the journalist-turned-Superman, Clark Kent,” the post adds.

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josephani warrior

He was a victim of disappearance along with 42 other classmates when he was 20 years old.

He wanted to be a vet and decided to study with the resources his family had. He refused to pursue the American dream realized by his father and brothers.

“A dream for which someone died, and his father had not been with him for nine years of his life.” He has a post for the center, which also frames the campaign crawling letters.

Giusepani discovered he was a leader when he joined the House of Activists. Previously, he would buy expensive tennis shoes, but he preferred to leave it to help others, his community.

“He chose to be a possibility for his people and to make trips to carry water only in the hot months, to earn money to continue his studies (…). Talking about Jhosivani is talking about a man who stumbles when something does not go as expected, but does not let himself fall; who discovered he could use his voice and make a difference in his community,” the post adds.

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