Who is Gisele Soto, the woman for whom Loblot scanned Belinda’s famous tattoo?

Who is Gisele Soto, the woman for whom Loblot scanned Belinda’s famous tattoo?

This was the uproar that caused Lupillo Rivera Erase the tattoo on his arm with a face Belinda (with whom she had a short, but strong relationship, with a very bad ending), which almost everyone was كان They ignored what the singer referred to as the main reason he did what he did: the love and respect he feels for his fiancée, Young businesswoman and designer Gisele Soto.

immediately, Among those who are unaware of all that is happening With Toro del Corrido and/or his many and controversial lives – who live by themselves long series from real life A question started running like wildfire. Who is the woman who made Lupillo have this gesture? Who is Gisele Soto? And that’s a good question, because the young woman is so much more than just a famous friend.

Giselle, 25- Lupillo has been criticized for being almost twice his age -, She was born in California, although she identifies as 100% Mexican, since then His family has roots in Ciudad Guzmán, in the state of Jalisco, to the west of Mexico. And although some sources have erroneously implied that Lupillo took his life, this is not true, Since then even before meeting him, she was already a successful entrepreneur.

In fact, it was in 2017 When Giselle opened her shop on Melrose Street In Los Angeles, one of the most famous streets in West Hollywood. It’s a local beauty called Gisele Soto Bros., which has a huge Success has been shown Very inspiring to many young people who follow her on social media And follow his free advice.

In addition, her beauty classes – specifically dedicated to eyebrow and hair care – have appeared on TV shows like “The Today Show”, fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, and her celebrity clients like Jordyn Woodswhich is part of the circle of sisters KardashianSo is the singer Norman, from the Fifth Harmony group (from where it originated Camila Cabello); actress Ryan DestinyAnd the huge influencer Laurie HarveyShe is the daughter of a comedian and host of Miss Universe. Steve Harvey.

Giselle has given many interviews To various media both Latino and Anglo, which indicates your success CrossingIn it, she was very specific about how she became an entrepreneur after graduating from university, noting that The key to its success lies in diversification, with which, in a relatively short time, she was able to become a famous connoisseur and show that she is not just a “flavor of the month”, But a trained hairstylist with a big vision, Something completely different from the image one has of a famous “girlfriend” It is usually described as a decorative piece.

One of his other activities is to give workshops in which he transfers his knowledge of beauty and cosmetics to other people who want to devote themselves to design, and in supporting young Hispanic women to complete their education, by collaborating with many foundations and charities, something that works for free: “To return a little of what I received.”

Since they got engaged in December 2020, the spotlight has been on Gisele, who has managed to handle the show very well and win it too (to say the least) The complex Lupillo family, with grace and simplicity.

Many have pointed out that Gisele had a good influence on El Toretto, giving her the stability she needs, so that her love undergoes such a painful process as tattoo removal, which makes this gesture very important and It seems this time, it will be – as they say – the right time.

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