Why are they so close to each other? Rosalia and Bad Bunny disrupt networks Photo: PHOTO

Why are they so close to each other?  Rosalia and Bad Bunny disrupt networks Photo: PHOTO

Rosalia and Bad Bunny They once again paralyzed networks by showing Very romantic and close In a new series of photos that they posted on their accounts.

Through Instagram, the singer shared three postcards with Puerto Rico as they looked “ very close to each other, ” surrounded by a dreamy atmosphere.

In the first photo, you can see Rosalia wearing an off-the-shoulder neck dress, puffed tulle sleeves and a curly-strung gathered hairstyle, while wearing a mustache and green velvet jacket, in the purest Renaissance style.

The most interesting thing comes when you slide between the photos and come across the second photo, which appears at sunset, under a tree with dry branches, and takes its face with his left hand As if he was about to kiss her.

The translator added another shot, in which she looks alone at the camera, showing her legs thanks to the opening of her dress and the deep neckline of the shirt.

Along with the exhibition, he wrote only a little flame of fire and tag Bad Bunny. For his part, he shared the same photos, except for the single photo he just added ?? Benito and Rosalía ??.

They both confirmed it’s a preview of their song’s videos ?? last night ??, Which they introduced a few weeks ago, but so far they only had a public video on their YouTube channel.

Most Commented Details

The wardrobe and her placement were very prominent, but what fans couldn’t miss were the details on Rosalia’s face.

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It’s about his eyebrows, which are thicker than usual.

The most interesting thing is that the Spaniards managed to copy this effect for very thick eyebrows, but in an informal way so that they do not look bad. So, with its effect, it could turn them into a trend in the next few days.


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