Why didn’t Pele play in Europe? Teams and Palms Halftime

Why didn’t Pele play in Europe?  Teams and Palms Halftime

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The history of football cannot be understood without the figure of Edson Arandos do NascimentoBetter known as Pele, he spent his entire career in the Americas and never tasted the joys of playing in Europe, considered the elite of world football.

But it was Pele who made it clear then why he was not paying attention He received offers from teams like Real Madrid and MilanWho always did everything possible to keep him in their ranks.

“They always ask me why I don’t play in Europe. I felt good in Brazil and Santos is the team of my life,” he said in an interview with England’s Telegraph newspaper.

Which team did Pele play for?

Although his beloved club was Santos de Brasil, where he won many titles in Brazil, at continental and world level, so was Pele. He wore a New York Cosmos jersey In America.

“I agreed to play for the Cosmos in a city like New York and promote soccer in the country. In addition, we did clinics for children and I learned English, otherwise I would not have left Brazil,” he said. Same interview.

The teams he was on

  • Brazil Saints (1956-1974)
  • New York Cosmos (1975-1977)

How many titles did Pele win?

Attacker Won six league titles with Santos in Brazil, He won two Copa Libertadores against Benfica and Milan, two Intercontinentals and his record with Santos included the extinct Intercontinental Super Champions Championship, won by Peixe against Inter Milan in 1968.

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