Why do people think the Premier League is the most attractive in the world?

Why do people think the Premier League is the most attractive in the world?

From its inception until today, the heat of the Premier League has not decreased. Its popularity is spreading all over the world with a huge fan base. From that, it can be seen that this tournament has a great lead. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the matches take place. So why do people pretend that the Premier League is the most attractive in the world? This is a question that should be explored for further understanding.

Some information about the Premier League

Football in the foggy country is always the tournament that attracts great attention from the national audience. The Premier League has gradually ingrained in the subconscious of every football audience.

In England, each season usually has 3 main tournaments. Those are the Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup. However, the opening match of each season has its own name: the Super Cup match. Usually, this is a match between the Premier League champions and the FA Cup champions. If a team wins the domestic double, the Premier League runner-up will be the contestant.

Accordingly, the Premier League is the highest level of the football league system in England. Premier League phrases are often prefixed with English prefixes. The purpose is to clarify the geographical location or Barclays about the sponsor. This tournament consists of 20 teams and lasts from August to May. Thus, each team will have a total of 38 matches.

There will be 1 champion and 3 relegation teams in each season. In addition, 4 places to attend the Champions League will also belong to the top 4 teams. The places to attend Europa League depend on the situation in other tournaments such as FA Cup, League Cup.

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The tournament has the participation of many big teams such as Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool …. Along with that, many famous players have been playing here such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney, Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, M. Salah…

How is the Premier League known to everyone?

History of the Premier League

England’s top football league was originally the British Championship. Currently the First Division, ranked second in the list of British leagues, was founded in 1888. However, by the 80s of the 20th century, the leagues in England received low expertise, status. difficult to control and even banned for 5 years from participating in the European Cup.

Therefore, by 1991, the leaders of the clubs in England agreed to create a new tournament to attract television rights. All 20 strongest teams then signed the application not to participate in the English championship of the British Football Association and participate in the Premier League.

The first Premier League season took place in 1991 – 1992 with major adjustments in playing time to serve television rights. That helps richer clubs start buying big. The fact that TV rights are sold around the world also helps the players become famous outside Europe and England.

Currently, the Premier League is the most watched football tournament in the world, broadcasting in 212 territories to 643 million households. There are about 4.7 billion people around the world watching the Premier League a season, very high compared to the total world population of 7-8 billion people.

The reason for the attraction of the Premier League

Dubbed the most attractive tournament on the planet, what outstanding features does the Premier League possess?

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A place where fiery matches gather

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the place that makes the heart of football fans go crazy. Whenever watching Premier League, viewers also feel satisfied by the image, sound, quality as well as dramatic battles. This is a football tournament with great investment in terms of facilities and the quality of the squad for each team, so each competition is always attractive to viewers.

In each match, the Premier League attracts a huge audience. The attraction, the element of surprise in each match always makes the audience surprised. Unlike other tournaments, the teams are often clearly divided between strong and weak. This place gathers excellent clubs with strong squads. Create a balance and suspense that not everyone can predict.

Confrontation and unexpected results make the tournament even more exciting, attracting players to bet. Every sports website or betting site has a huge number of visitors. Free football betting tips gives you the basics of all the matches. If you find it interesting, check out the tips made by the industry experts from THABET Vietnam betting network, and good luck!

Premier League has a large fan base with many colors

Besides the high-class matches, the other attractive factor of the Premier League is the fans. Fans of this football tournament have many games and styles that are number 1 in the world. If they like a certain player, immediately there will be songs written specifically about them. The diversity of colors in the stands creates its own color for English football.

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Exciting tournaments of the most favorite teams

Not every football team has many fans. Having a lot of fans depends on many factors. As you can see, the team in the Premier League with the largest number of fans is Man Utd or Arsenal.

These teams are loved by the difference in fighting style, the way they build the squad or the legendary player of the team. Favorite football teams also have very special nicknames.

For example, Man Utd is known as the red devil of Man, or Arsenal – gunner… The nickname is the way fans show their love. And these nicknames are also the most characteristic of the team.

Tournament with many attractive features

How the Premier League is played

Looking back in history, it is rare for an award to attract such great attention from domestic and international audiences. Every day, every hour, there are millions of British citizens who are impatient for the Premier League football news.

The organizers of the Premier League tournament always try to give the teams the most fair way and rules. Through moments of careful calculation, the organizers answered the question of how many rounds the Premier League has as follows.

This football tournament of the century will have a total of 38 rounds and 380 matches taking place with a fixed time period of weekly.

Every month from August to May next year, qualifiers will be held. The team with the number of goals that overwhelms the other teams will be the champion of the Premier League. By purchasing tickets or watching the live broadcast on TV, fans can enjoy the match.

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