Will the Clasicos semi-finals be the best in Liga MX history?

Will the Clasicos semi-finals be the best in Liga MX history?

ESPNMay 15, 2023, 19:32 ETReading: 4 min.

America or Chivas the biggest loser in the quarterfinals?

Picante’s analysis of how the semifinalists arrive at the National Classic.

For the first time in short matches, maximum series will be played in both brackets of semi-finals.

The semi-final of 2023 ends As they will be held for the first time since 1996, they may be the best in the history of short matches Two classics To define the teams that will fight for the title MX League.

of A national classic And this Classic Regal The two clubs will play next week in the Grand Final 2023 ends. Sivas And America The Aztecs will play a new version of the most important tournament in football Tigers And striped They would “cripple” Monterey.

Conflicts of America vs. Sivas And Striped vs. Tigers are special MX League Because such important classics in shorter matches have never been played in both brackets of the semi-finals. In recent years MX League Some have been played Classic Inside semi-finalBut that was the first time Sivas. America, Tigers And Monterey They will be protagonists.

The Clausura 2023 will feature semi-finals with classics America vs. Chivas and Rayados vs. Tigres.Imago7

Among adults semi-final In recent history MX League Lyon vs Cont America And Tigers vs. Monterey In Clausura 2019, Cruz Azul vs. Monterey And America Against the Pumas in early 2018, among others, however, the semi-final of 2023 ends Aztecs have created huge expectations among football fans.

Aguilas and the Sacred Herd saw each other for the last time semi-final It was at Apertura in 2007 that, for their part, Felinos and Rayados faced off against each other. semi-final Completion 2019.

America Qualified in semi-final After a sequence that seemed simple before Atletico San Luis, but San Luis came close to surprising the Eagles at Azteca Stadium. The Eagles won First leg 3-1 and took San Luis Back to 2-1.

For his part, Sivas He faced Atlas In the quarter finals and the fans enjoyed the Clásico Tapatio. The Rosenegros won the first leg At least and Sivas He won the lap By the same token, so the sacred flock advanced semi-final Thanks to his position on the table.

Tigers He faced Toluca And the felines won 4-1 in the first game of the seriesThe result seemed to define the tie, but the Red Devils signed an extraordinary performance in nemesis Deese and in the 53rd minute they had already won the match 3-0, which qualified them for the next stage, but Sebastian Cordova Scored in 71′ And the cat sealed the ticket.

Monterey Santos was fired Rayados are 2-0 in the world and have conceded just one goal in their last four games.

According to Soccer Power Index of Five thirty eight, Monterey And America are favorites to win the title closure. Rayados have a 33 percent chance of winning the championship, while Aguilas have a 25 percent chance.

The semi-final of 2023 ends They promise to be very exciting and fans hope that the two braces live up to the hype.

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