William Levy: This happened in his farewell to the Scented Woman’s Coffee | from the side

William Levy: This happened in his farewell to the Scented Woman’s Coffee |  from the side

It is in its final episodes, which spawned a series of emotional farewells on the set. Telemundo’s remake of the recordings of the story ended with a touching moment starring the brave.Who said goodbye to fantasy in an unforgettable way.

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But first, the supporters Laura Londono s spread depression Messages After completing his performances in front of the cameras.

“Today we wrap up a great course, we finished recording cafeconaroma for women. What an important project for all of us who were a part of it, important because of the challenge it represented, because I had to record it in the middle of the pandemic, because I had to sing, which got me excited”, translated books gavio

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While Villalobos also thanked for the opportunity to play Lucia Sanclement The remake of a classic TV movie.

What was the end of William Levy in “Coffee with a Woman’s Scent”?

In the same way, William Levi He said goodbye to his character Sebastian Vallejo From the TV seriesperfumed coffee for women, the new version of Telemundo.

Cuban-American actor You haven’t sent a message yet About the end of his work in production, but he was filming when he closed his character’s story.

Levi clap for a few minutes Actors who congratulated and thanked him for sharing roles with the 40-year-old actress.

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Who is William Levy’s partner?

William Levy is in a relationship with the actress too Elizabeth Gutierrez Where 2003.

Although they were a married couple who jealously kept their privacy, there were rumors about it Betrayals and separation, but they’re still together, as we’ve seen in May 2021 In a restaurant Miami.

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