Women Tigress vs. Chivas (2-0). Semi-final result, Clausura 2022

Women Tigress vs. Chivas (2-0).  Semi-final result, Clausura 2022

Guadalajara /

Women’s team Shivas came to the final by giving a surprise in Female Since the final 2022 Beat Tigris 2-0, To level the series overall and thank them for their excellent position in the table. University students found seven finals missing in a row.

In a fight with the people of Guadalajara at Akron Stadium with a completely happy ending, Sacred Herd advances to its second title by playing in its third final, The final whistle thanks to a goal in four minutes; When With this removal Regias suffered a very difficult blow.

The first leg was 2-0 for the Amazon Chivas had to win by two goalsSince Tigress was inside, it was not a very clever game.

The most dangerous action occurred 25 minutes after Stephanie Meyer’s stroke reached Mia Fischer, but the American’s shot went ahead.

Even so, Amazonas managed to open the scoring with 31 ‘runs. Carolina Jaramillo, hit by the head of Naeli Rangel on the line; The mayor still had regeneration, but he put it aside.

The fish was injured And emerged from change at 39 ‘; This is a significant loss for the female tigers.

Before the break, Carol Bernal Sivas scored the goal Jocelyn Montoya’s free kick, ending with a header at 44 ‘.

The goal forced the Guadalajara women’s team to another score.

In the second half, at 59 ‘, Jaramillo took a free kick which was not headed in by Rojiblanca striker Alicia Cervantes.

Tigress seemed to get the pass until 86 ‘, Kinberley Guzman deflected a ball in the Jarmilo area for Licha, but The federal government sent her to the rescue to give the herd a pass.

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The rival will advance to another semifinal, where Tussauds beat Rayadas 2-0.

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