WWE Raw Report 6/7 – Alexa doll bullies Shayna Baszler – WWE news, results, and more! – PRWrestling

WWE Raw Report 6/7 – Alexa doll bullies Shayna Baszler – WWE news, results, and more!  – PRWrestling

The show begins with a fierce battle in pairs. Golden Lynx was only fighting because Gran Metalik was injured. Entered The Miz (in a wheelchair) and John Morrison. Morrison entered the fight on behalf of his team.

The Vikings won the Battle Royale when they eliminated Orton and Kingston. They are competitors #1.

Behind the scenes, Charlotte Flair got close to Sonya Deville and Adam Pierce. He wanted his “loss” to be unpublishable to Nikki Cross. They said no. Rhea Ripley joined the frame. Deville made a match with Charlotte and Ripley as a team against Kroos and a partner of his choosing.

Elijah was alone in the ring. He said Jaxson Ryker was a man willing to go into battle, but not a man willing to fight for him. Riker attacked him from behind (he cuts his hair and cuts his beard). this leads to:

Jaxson Ryker defeated Elias by countdown when Elias left.

Signing the WWE Championship Contract. Drew had his sword. Lashley was with MVP and several girls.

Lashley said that if he wins, McIntyre shouldn’t have to fight another title fight. McIntyre was accepted. McIntyre wanted to battle Hell in a Cell. Before Lashley quickly. The part ends with He-Man cutting the table with his sword.

Ricochet defeats Humberto Carrillo by counting out of the ring. Sheamus was ringside where the winner would challenge him.

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Behind the scenes, MVP gets in touch with Kofi Kingston. MVP said KofiMania was everything, but it ended abruptly, because it wasn’t Bobby Lashley. Kingston said his family and friends were his motive, but Lashley does it for the money. The MVP tells him that Lashley is doing this for the WWE Championship and all the honor, prestige, and gear that goes with it. MVP left.

Eva Marie will be back next week.

Jeff Hardy Deruto Cedric Alexander

Nikki Cross and Asuka defeated Ripley and Charlotte Flair when Charlotte and Ripley got into a fight. Charlotte tightened Ripley’s eye and gave her a natural pick. Kroos proved Ripley to win.

Mansour defeated Drew Gulak

Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods) defeated Riddle. Orton came out during the match and attacked Woods. Kofi wins Trouble in Heaven.

Alexas Stadium with guest Shayna Baszler

This part happened in the ring. After the controversy, Pazler stomped on the doll and video screens began to cut out and Pazler walked away. Fiery gunfire was fired, causing Baszler to run backwards.

Baszler entered a room, frantically shutting the door and blocking it with a sofa. The lights flashed and the doll appeared in the mirror. Pazler shattered the mirror, but the doll kept appearing in shattered pieces. The screen turned black and Baszler shouted. This is how the raw ends.

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