X-Men comic brings Kevin Feige into the marvel universe

X-Men comic brings Kevin Feige into the marvel universe

In a new Marvel Comics issue X-Men #21, Kevin Feige showed up as himself and had a little visit with Scott Summers also known as Cyclops.

Wonder Studios President and Chief Creative Officer, Kevin Feige, has authoritatively made into the Marvel comic books. From dealing with every one of the properties, this time, he got an opportunity to show up in one of the X-Men comic books. From practically the previous two years, since Kevin Feige was elevated to CCO and dealt with a few Marvel branches including TV and distributing other than the film division, the Marvel comic book legend is going through serious changes. Under Jonathan Hickman, the essayist behind Marvel’s hit arrangement Secret Wars, Marvel has been remodeling and renewing the X-Men stories.

In X-Men #21, X-Men reprobates and legends have combined to shape collusion and have accumulated on the island of Krakoa. The current month’s issues will ultimately prompt the Hellfire Gala, where the freak local area will accumulate with significant figures from the human local area, showing them the unique solidarity among the two gatherings. X-Men #21 will see renowned figures from genuine like Michael B. Jordan and George R.R. Martin going to the celebration. However, the main visitor to the celebration will be Kevin Feige.

While the freaks are authoritatively introducing themselves to the world, Cyclops, who has been one of the best X-Men individuals to lead the group, meets somebody recognizable. It’s Kevin Feige. Feige asks Cyclops a truly straightforward inquiry – What’s Your Story?

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To this, Cyclops offers a long and significant response, wherein he thinks back of his learning days with Professor X/Charles Xavier and the changed vision of X-Men with the evolving scene. He answers with the accompanying statement.

“I was visually impaired, oblivious to how the world worked… and afterward I met a man who instructed me to see – perceive how things truly were. However, the world, you see – the waking scene – where we as a whole reside… it is an enemy of dreams. A destroyer of things you put stock in. So what’s my story? I’m a visionary. I’m an X-Man.”

While Feige’s appearance was to a greater extent amazing, Cyclops’ discourse sounded more like a proclamation through which he was attempting to cause Feige to understand the meaning of the group and how far the two people and the freaks have shown up together. He essentially reviles the world they live in as the brutal real factors of it have made the X-Men float away from their objective. In any case, by saying he is a visionary, he brings up that X-Men battles for the great.

Kevin Feige’s cameo reflects stan lee appearances in marvel publications

Kevin Feige is gradually conforming to Stan Lee, who has had something reasonable of appearances in a few of Marvel distributions, enlivened arrangements, and obviously, all movies created under the pennant of Marvel Entertainment or Marvel Studios until his passing. Very much like Stan Lee, the establishing pioneer of Marvel’s fruitful development, Feige, who has transformed himself into the new Marvel Universe visionary is presumably now equipping his passage into the world his making.

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As of now, Feige is searching for an approach to have the freaks enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What’s more, most likely, in doing as such, he, at the end of the day, entered their reality to enroll them. That is unreasonable however it’s an inquisitive perspective about it. Feige has affirmed that Marvel Studios is fostering a film on Mutants and Deadpool III is now ready to go. Along these lines, this specific appearance of Feige in an X-Men comic is a greater amount of an easter egg to the approaching consideration of the X-Men in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When or how X-Men will enter the MCU is obscure yet we can have confidence that both Feige and Cyclops will be dynamic individuals from the venture. Till then, at that point, the entertaining passage of Kevin Feige in X-Men #21 before he could engineer a path for the group to enter the MCU sort of feels like some roused composing from Hickman.

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