Xiaomi offers a “revolutionary technology” for remote charging from cables (video)

Xiaomi offers a “revolutionary technology” for remote charging from cables (video)

It is a Mi Air charging system that allows a phone to be charged up to 5 watts at a radius of “several meters” and supports up to five devices simultaneously.

This Friday Xiaomi introduced its Mi Air Charge wireless charging technology that allows you to carry out this process remotely “without cables or supports”. “Today we are entering the real era of wireless charging”, Promises Chinese company on its blog.

It is an isolated charging battery developed by Xiaomi that has five phase interference antennas that allow it to “accurately detect” the location of a phone. The manufacturer explains that the 144 antennas “transmit millimeter waves directly to the device through the beam formation”.

To implement this technology, you must have a system that receives the equipment to be loaded. Siomi has developed a “set of miniaturized antennas” and a “beacon antenna” that transmits the status of a “smartphone” responsible for converting the signal emitted by the battery into electrical energy.

Currently, Mi Air Charging allows a phone to be charged at “5 meters” circumference at 5 watts. Supports up to five devices simultaneously without physical interruptions reducing charging performance.

The electronics company estimates that in the future this “revolutionary technology”, “completely cableless”, will be able to work with smart watches, bracelets and other small devices. In addition, Xiaomi believes that devices such as speakers, desk lamps and other household electrical components will be equipped with remote power to “make the whole house wireless”. “It’s a revolutionary invention. It’s not science fiction, it’s technology,” he concludes.

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